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Mail Tribune 100, April 6, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

April 6, 1921


There will be no annual public clean up of Medford this spring and summer under the auspices of the city government and at its expense, as in past years, but it will be up to each property owner or tenant to do this cleaning and have the rubbish hauled away at their own expense.

The city council so decided last night after discussing the matter and stipulates that all the alleys must be cleared up of tin cans and rubbish by May 1st, else the city will do the work and haul the stuff away, and charge the expense up as a lien against the owner of each house where this procedure is made necessary. The councilmen, who think that this cleaning up matter should be looked after by the tenants of each home, and not at the city’s expense, issued orders to Chief of Police Timothy to enforce the cleaning up of the alleys by May 1st. It is pointed out that the city garbage contractors haul all rubbish away for a nominal sum and now are able to handle such work expeditiously, and will if necessary put on extra trucks, so all that remains for the local populace to do is to clean up their alleys, and pile the cans and rubbish, phone the city garbage department to come an get it and pay the bill.

The city street department would smooth down and grade many alleys but is prevented from so doing by these alleys being obstructed, or partially so, by cans or rubbish. Then too, such obstructions in an alley are a fire menace to the city as was pointed out to the council by the state fire inspectors who recently completed a fire survey in the city.


Ashland, April 6. — The middle of the month will witness Pacific highway paving operations resumed in this locality. Preliminaries have been under way for sometime past. Expert mechanicians are “tuning” the big auto trucks, and equipment in general is being gotten in readiness, notably the rock crusher on the summit. Two and a half miles is the extent of work to be completed in order to finish the job intact up to the California line form this city. This stretch is not continuous, comprising several units. There also remains the overhead crossing, east of town, to pave, the superstructure having undergone the settling process the past winter, and it is needless to add that this ordeal was a severe one in view of the rainy season and washouts. The Oakar Huber offices in city hall, also the state highway engineer’s headquarters in Pioneer block are already assuming the busy attitude indicative of something doing.


The rural women throughout the county who responded to the campaign conducted by the home demonstration agent started last summer for the use of better rubbers in canning, and ordered through that department 1,040 dozen of a certain make of rubbers recommended by Miss Pool, were so well pleased with their success that they are repeating orders for the coming season’s canning, and so far have ordered 966 dozen of the rubbers. The women, both of the country and city, can still order from the home demonstration office.


Don’t let the Californians get it all. They are patronizing the big 30-day furniture sale at the M. F. & H. Co.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com