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Mail Tribune 100, March 28, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

March 28, 1921


The first annual review of the Medford police department by the mayor took place late Saturday afternoon, and unexpectedly so. The department, all three of them in their uniforms of brand new police caps, which had just arrived in the city, shined shoes and pleasant anticipatory smiles, the kind you know a small boy wears with his first suit of long pants, piled into Chief Timothy’s tin Lizzie, in front of the central police station, and drove down to surprise the mayor in front of his new garage.

Mayor Gates and those two mainstay Southern Pacific men, Mark Montgomery and A. S. Rosenbaum were engaged in an earnest discussion out on the street about the oil prospects when the Ford drew up, stopped and the police department piled out, formed its battalion and saluted.

The three oily debaters stood gazing awestruck and bewildered.

“I cut out smoking such strong cigars from this minute. It is getting me,” finally ejaculated the mayor as he rubbed his eyes.

“I will quit eating doughnuts too,” gasped Monty.

“And I am going to bed earlier,” said Rosey.

As their eyes grew more familiar with the accustomed weight the three reviewed the chief and Policeman Adams and Hempstreet and they then showered congratulations on their fine appearance.

“It’s great boys,” said the mayor.

With the new caps worn, by the force, worshipers and newcomers to the city, eyes now tell a policeman on the street from the ordinary native.


The most beautiful Easter day in recent years was that of yesterday with its sunshine and balmy air, which was not only conductive to church going but for auto rides and was all the more appreciated following the five previous rainy and chilly Sundays. The churches had large Easter audiences at both services and the Pacific highway saw long strings of autos afternoon and evening. Besides, many people enjoyed outings to the hills gathering wild flowers or at the river.


The back is that portion of your anatomy to which your friends direct their remarks. See Dr. Burklun, Chiropractor, Sparta Bldg.


Apparently Medford has been playing very practical politics, while Klamath has been idly standing by. As the result, Klamath, the county in which Crater Lake is located, will have no voice in the dispensing of the $250,000 it is proposed to raise for the development. Portland and Medford divide the memberships in the directing committee and the result is bound to be the sharing of advantages between Portland and Medford. Klamath takes the leavings where it is rightfully entitled to the pick of advantages.—Klamath Falls Herald.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com