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Mail Tribune 100, May 10, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

May 10, 1921


Miss Janice Butler who has won many friends and admirers for her splendid musical interpretations of pictures the past year at the local theatres left for California today for a short vacation and to take up further study of the Wurlitzer Hope Jones organ.

Miss Butler is a young lady of rare musical ability and was organist at the Rialto theatre until one day she was called upon to play the big Wurlitzer organ at the Page, which is an entirely different model than the Rialto’s and without hesitation or any instruction she jumped right in and through her own efforts and diligent practice every morning she has accomplished wonders, but Miss Butler herself is not satisfied, she wishes to accomplish more, and no doubt upon her return to Medford in a few weeks, Miss Butler will give the music lovers of the valley some new and clever musical treats on the big organ at the Page.


Several Medford people have expressed a desire to have a rousing Fourth of July celebration this year. There has not been a celebration in Medford for several years and they think the patriotism of the people should be demonstrated this year.

It has been suggested that those who feel likewise should make it known to the Chamber of Commerce or Mayor Gates.


Edwin Markham was a mature man when he won fame by the publication of his first great poem, “The Man With the Hoe,” and only in recent years has he gone on the lecture platform. Since doing so he has proven himself a gifted and pleasing lecturer, delighting audiences of every kind in all parts of the country. In this trip to his native Oregon he has agreed to appear a number of times, twice in Portland and in some of the smaller cities. Medford is to be favored with one of these lecture readings tonight. This will be given in the high school building, Tuesday evening, May 10th. Admission, adults, 75c, students 50c.


In the opinion of Alex Sparrow, superintendent of Crater Lake national park, it will be July 1st, the day set for the official opening of the season, before the first autos can reach the Crater Lake rim.

This is because at the first of this month there were 9 1/2 feet of snow at the rim, which is about two feet more than last year at the same time. The snow depth at Anna Spring camp, five miles lower down, was 8 1/2 feet on May 1st. Last year the first autos were able to reach the lake rim on June 26th, by the aid of extra efforts and much snow shoveling, preparatory to the visit of the National Editorial Association on July 1st or 2nd.

There is now four feet of snow at the south park entrance.


Mary Roberts Rinehart, her husband, Dr. S. M. Rinehart and their two sons will visit Medford this summer. They will take a thirty-day trip over the backbone of the Cascades from Mount Hood to Crater Lake, after which they will come to Medford for a short stay.

The professional guide, who will pilot them over the Cascades has requested the Medford Chamber of Commerce will be sent to Crater Lake to assist in their entertainment there and escort them to Medford, where arrangements are also being made for their comfort and entertainment.

The trip over the Cascades is undoubtedly being made to gather material by Mary Roberts Rinehart for her writings. Her stories are in great demand by magazines of national circulation. One of her stories is now running in the Cosmopolitan.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com