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Mail Tribune 100, May 6, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

May 6, 1921


John Black Stabbed in Back By Itinerant Knife Vendor — Victim Will Recover — Wanderer Through Hard Luck — Officials Seek Assailant.

What came very near being a murder and may yet result fatality, although the victim appears at this time to be on the road to recovery, occurred at a hobo camp in the Bear Creek jungle not far from the Jackson street bridge late Thursday afternoon, when John Black, 39 years old, who hails from Montana, was stabbed in the back it is claimed by another hobo, a knife peddler or sharpener, who has been working Medford for several days.

The knife blade penetrated between two ribs and cut the lower lobe of Black’s left lung. Black is in the Sacred Heart hospital. His assailant has not yet been apprehended, although the entire force of Medford police and Sheriff Terrill and Deputy Sheriff McMahon searched the jungles and throughout the city and suburbs early last evening. The sheriff went to Gold Hill this forenoon to conduct a search in that vicinity.

According to the story of Black, who is intelligent and gentlemanly, and only took to the life of a tramp recently because of having encountered some bad luck, he was in the hobo camp with Hill and two other men, and Hill, being quarrelsome, and trying to provoke a quarrel with him, he had stated to leave when Hill leaped at him and plunged the knife in his back.

Black managed to stagger downtown and was inquiring for a doctor’s office, when someone notified Mayor Gates and the latter official summoned Patrolman Adams and the two located Black just when he was about all in, and took him to Dr. Sweeney’s office where first aid was administered and then the wounded man was hurried to the hospital. The knife had penetrated through several suits of underwear and a number of shirts.


The next monthly meeting of the Scenic Preservation Association of Jackson County will be held in Jacksonville on May 20th, and Lewis Ulrich, who is one of the directors of the association is making every effort to insure a successful meeting. The association is receiving hearty support in all sections of the county and Jacksonville people now have an opportunity to show their appreciation of the association’s work and will give our visitors a royal reception on the 20th. — Jacksonville Post.


Auto touring and camping life the past few days has not been very pleasant because of the cold rain. Four auto parties were encamped at the city auto camp grounds this forenoon.


One large package rolled oats given away free with every 49 pound sack of Olympic flour purchased from Palace Grocery Saturday.


The date of the annual Rose festival at Portland has been set for June 8th to 10th. For 15 years the rose festival has been the most important celebration in the Pacific northwest, and ranks in beauty and entertainment features with the famous Mardi Gras of New Orleans and the New Year’s Day floral parade at Pasadena.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com