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Mail Tribune 100, May 9, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

May 9, 1921


Medford is not only furnishing a good city auto camp ground this year to tourists, but is now furnishing a caretaker whose duty is not only to preserve order and keep the grounds clean, but act as a bureau of information to the visiting tourists.

It is also one of his duties to keep a register containing the names of each tourist party, their home address, where they are en route to, and the make and number of their car.

The caretaker, William Davis, well-known veteran citizen of Medford who has been appointed by the city council at a salary of $50 a month went on duty this morning. No better selection could have been made is the general opinion. The city council also voted recently to furnish firewood to the auto campers at cost, and Caretaker Davis also has charge of the sale of firewood.

Nine auto parties were at the grounds this morning including the following: Mr. and Mrs. James Wirth and family of five children from Santiago; Mr. and Mrs. F. Jobes of Los Angeles, touring north to Seattle; Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Webb of Los Angeles, who are looking for a new location; Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Dennison of Seattle who are touring south; D. C. Howard of Los Angeles, who is en route home from touring in the north; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Mayes and three children of Grants Pass who may possibly locate in Medford; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Ray and three children of Portland who are en route home from a visit in the south.


The lead-cutter bee cuts circles so exact that a compass will fail to detect a fault.

Abraham Lincoln was six feet, four inches tall — two inches taller than George Washington.

Use of colors in drugs originated in the ancient practice of coloring them to differentiate them.

The socialist vote in the United States has been greater than the prohibition vote ever since 1904.

When John Quincy Adams became the president, all his predecessors except George Washington were living.

Heat, light and moisture weaken cloth of any kind.


The return volley ball match of the Ashland Y. M. C. A. vs. the local Elks team will be played here Tuesday night. The local men are in hopes of reversing the score on this occasion, as the Ashland team won two out of three games in the last contest. Present plans call for two teams of four men each, each playing opponents team a set of three games. Edwin Janney is captain of the Medford team and one of the stars of the game. Fred Engle, of the Citizens’ bank, captains the visitors.


There are two known cases of measles in the city, one at 16 South Peach street, and the other at 145 South Grape street, and at both these homes Chief of Police Timothy has put up warning signs.


When Floyd Young, the frost expert departs from the city, County Agent Cate will finish out the season by giving frost predictions. Mr. Young will depart early Wednesday morning for Davenport, Ia., to resume his duties as head of the Davenport weather bureau after having been here for six weeks on the special frost detail work.


J. B. Mason, well-known quicksilver man who practically opened the quicksilver mines in Alaska as far as establishing the value of the properties there is concerned, and who has completed an examination of the quicksilver properties around Grants Pass, is here looking over the cinnabar mines in the Beagle country. Leaving Thursday for the Bertleson mine, which is now operating, Mr. Mason expects within a few days to be able to establish the status of the properties in this locality. — Gold Hill News.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com