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Mail Tribune 100, June 6, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

June 6, 1921


Perhaps there is as little known of the work of the Girls’ Reserve of the Y. W. C. A. as of any other branch of the organization in this city. Nevertheless they have been very busy and accomplished many things. Since last October 182 Medford girls have joined the Girls’ Reserve. Throughout the United States there are 100,000 Girls Reserve, who have taken for their standard the same as Medford girls, their slogan, “To face life squarely.” Their purpose: “To find and give the best.” Their code; As A Girl Reserve I will be:

“Gracious in manner, impartial in judgment;

Ready for service, loyal to friends;

Reaching toward the best, earnest in purpose;

Seeing the beautiful, eager for knowledge;

Reverent to God, victorious over self;

Ever dependable, sincere at all times.”

The 182 Girl Reserves in Medford are divided into seven corps. The Wichaka corps of the Roosevelt school with Jessie Wilson as adviser.

The Delta corps of the Washington school with Theone Carkin as adviser.

The Netoppew corps of the Washington school with Mary Gore as adviser.

A new Washington school corps with Dora Giebers as adviser.

The Xexatina Taya corps of the Lincoln school with Mrs. Agnes Deaver as adviser.

The Aux corps of the Lincoln school with Nellie Donalson as adviser.

The Student club of the high school with Margaret Cottrell, Florence Pool, and Myrtle Margaret Fuller as advisers.

The girls of the grade school are working on honors and activities under Health, Knowledge, Service and Spirit.

At Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets of dainties were given which brought cheer to the aged and sick. The girls also sold tags for the Albertina Kerr Home and European Relief fund, as well as helping with programs for Parent-Teachers meetings, marching as flower girls in Memorial Day parade, and holding vesper services.

First aid classes and health talks have been given by Margaret Van Scoyoc, public school nurse.

Besides all the helpful things being done by the girls they have parties and hikes every month which are, of course, enjoyed by all the girls.

The students club of the high school with 80 members have been engaged in useful activities such as helping the Red Cross by addressing envelopes and sewing, sending Christmas gifts and letters to lonely girls, and a special effort was made to create a greater spirit of friendliness and democracy in high school.

They are now busy earning money to go to Siltcoos lake, the state high school camp, July 6-11. Their aid being twelve girls from Medford at Siltcoos.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com