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Mail Tribune 100, June 17, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

June 17, 1921


Mysterious Shooting Scrape Near Jacksonville Puzzles Authorities—Still Found in Cabin Where Shooting Occurred—Owner Arrested.

While investigating today into a mysterious shooting affair of last night at a cabin on the homestead of Thomas Williams, one mile from Jacksonville along Jackson creek, in which R. Carpenter was seriously wounded, Sheriff Terrill today located a homemade still in the cabin and placed Williams under arrest.

Carpenter is in the Sacred Heart hospital with a bullet in his left lung. The missile narrowly escaped striking his heart. He is about 30 years old and is said to be a resident of Medford. He will recover.

Carpenter claims that he was at the homestead doing some improvement work there, and was standing by the cabin last night when he was shot. He asserts he does not know who shot him nor where the shot came from and that he had had no trouble with Williams. He was brought to the city, given first aid by Dr. Poelnitz and then taken to the hospital.

The sheriff was notified of the shooting and on going to the homestead today to investigate, found the homemade still in Williams’ cabin fashioned out of a copper boiler, and another boiler was found filled with corn and peach mash. No whiskey or liquor was found on the premises.

Williams, who is about 30 years old and sometimes goes by the name of Cripps, was placed under arrest by the sheriff on charges of manufacturing liquor and maintaining a nuisance. Williams, like Carpenter, claims he knows nothing about how the latter came to be shot.

The circumstances of both cases were placed before George Codding, assistant county prosecutor, this noon, and the latter officer is also conduction an investigation. Williams will have his preliminary hearing in Justice Taylor’s court Saturday forenoon.


Oregon Agricultural College, Corvallis, June 17. — Did you ever hear a potato snore? Or an apple sneeze? Or a geranium breathe heavily? A geranium plant in a glass case at room 213-218 agricultural building, is causing a great deal of comment by its heavy breathing during Farmers’ week.

A glass tube connected with the case containing the flower empties into a trap filled with crystal clear barium hydroxide. As the flower takes a deep breath it can be plainly seen by the bubbles in the trap. As the breath is liberated it combines with the solution, making it milky white in color.

Two apples are almost out of breath in another jar. It is set in a glass tray filled with water, and as the apples have breathed most of the oxygen from the jar, the water has risen inside nearly covering them.

The exhibit is made to demonstrate beyond a doubt that plants really breathe like human beings.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com