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Mail Tribune 100, June 21, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

June 21, 1921


Carl Tengwald Announces Accommodations for Pedestrians if The Care to Hoof it — Cars Can Get Within Mile of Rim July 1.

“All that I can promise at this present time is that tourists and others who desire to visit Crater Lake can get as far by car as the government camp one mile below the hotel by July 1st,” said Alexander Sparrow, supervisor of Crater Lake park, who arrived in the city late yesterday afternoon from that chilly region and hurried back today.

“Of course the weather may so warm before July 1st and melt the snow so fast that cars can go all the way up to the hotel from the government camp at that time.”

Mr. Sparrow has had a force of 18 men hard at work trying to clear the road of snow through the national park to the hotel and from now on they will redouble these efforts. They have used dynamite on the big drifts, and plowed and shoveled in the lesser depths.

“I never in my experience knew it to be so cold and stormy in the Crater [Lake area] as it has been the past two weeks,” said Supt. Sparrow. “Why last week it stormed and snowed three days. But the new fallen snow passes away quickly. In fact it aids in starting the snow packed beneath it to melt. But the weather has been generally chilly so far, retarding the melting of the snow.”

The snow line extends to Little White Horse, about three miles this side of Anna Spring camp. The general snow depth at Anna Spring camp is about 20 inches.

Carl Tengwald, manager of Crater Lake company, who arrived with his bride from San Francisco last night, and got into touch with conditions at the lake, announced today that the Anna Spring camp will open next Thursday, and that all tourists and others if they walk to the lodge from as far as they can go by auto can get accommodations there. O. C. Heinlein, electrician, is in charge at the lodge at present and meals will be served by him to all comers and sleeping accommodations provided.


The distinction of being the first guests at the Crater Lake lodge this year goes to Misses C. and W. C. Boock of San Francisco, who came in from the lake on a truck with Alex Sparrow yesterday afternoon, after having been there since last Friday. The young ladies are guests at the Holland for a few days and are enthusiastic over their wintry experiences at the lake. They went in from the Klamath side, having to hike it much of the way. Although the hotel is not in operation yet they found quarters in one nook of the structure and ate their meals with O. C. Heinlein and his crew of electricians who are at work there. They much enjoyed this camping out life and tramping around through the snow.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com