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Mail Tribune 100, June 26, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

June 26, 1921


Since the announcement of the taking over the Bardwell Fruit company by the Oregon Grower’s Packing corporation, an erroneous impression has been created as to the contract between the Growers’ Association and the Stewart Fruit company, its sales agent.

There is no plan or effort being made by the Growers’ Association to force independent shippers into the organization. Any statement to this effect is absolutely without foundation. The plan of the growers contemplates an arrangement under which a very heavy percentage of the pears and apples grown in the Rogue River valley will be marketed through one sales agency. We believe the immediate as well as ultimate benefits of such an arrangement to the growers of the valley as a whole, and therefore to the general prosperity of the entire valley, are recognized and appreciated by the great mass of the growers and therefore require no further comment.

If in making this arrangement we accomplish our purpose of eliminating a great deal of price slashing in Rogue River fruits, by selling agencies we will, in our opinion, have succeeded in correcting one of the great evils of the past marketing system.

Growers who are not members of the association can ship through the Stewart Fruit company exactly as they have done in the past. Indeed, we urge them to do so. In so doing, they do not obligate themselves in any way, wither expressed or implied, to join the association at this or any other time.

The policy of the association will be to ship the fruit of independent growers through the Bardwell Fruit company warehouse and the fruit of its members through its own warehouses. The Bardwell Fruit company house will be conducted by the same office and warehouse forces as in the past. There will be no change in personnel, system or policy either in the harvesting, hauling, packing, storing or selling of the fruit through the Bardwell warehouse.

(Signed) GORDON VOORHIES, Chairman, Medford district, Oregon Growers.


Again the public is warned to keep away from Crater Lake until the season formally opens July 1st, and as it is now, the lodge at the lake is almost out of provisions for the staff of electricians at work there because of the influx of a number of hardy sightseers who walked in over the snow this week. Hence it is that Seely V. Hall, accompanied by his wife departed for Crater National Park this morning on an S. O. S. call with a truck load of provisions, hoping with the help of Park Superintendent Sparrow to be able to buck the truck through the snow as far as Anna Spring camp, from where the supplies can be packed up to the hotel five miles distant.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com