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Mail Tribune 100, July 8, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

July 8, 1921


The slogan of the local management of the Crater Lake company, embodied in Vernon Vawter and George T. Collins, the resident members of the executive committee of the company, is “Service and Pleasant Accommodations” for all visitors at Crater Lake this year.

That is why the cashier of the Jackson County bank was seen at the depot this morning personally with the aid of Wilson Wait and the Crater Lake stage driver, hustling the baggage of tourists arriving on the morning trains, en route to Crater Lake, and looking after their tickets.

He, himself, carried a number of heavy suitcases from the train and to the depot.

Seeley Hall, manager of transportation for the company usually oversees this work, but he is absent on company business at Crater Lake and Klamath Falls, hence the banker in his anxiety to make Crater Lake popular and a big success this year in the way of accommodations, hustled over to the depot to look after the incoming tourists. Had George Collins been in town he, too, would probably have been there rustling baggage, etc., especially as the stage in coming down last night, broke an axle and because of repairs being rushed could not be gotten ready in time to be at the depot until after the Shasta train had arrived from the south.

Messrs. Vawter and Collins are so much in earnest about making Crater Lake a tourist success this season that they have been and will continue to give much time from their regular business duties and private affairs in looking after Crater Lake matters.

After his sling at baggage rustling, Cashier Vawter hurried to his office at the bank, where he was busily engrossed the rest of the day slinging silver dollars.


Nothing can stop the Medford post office from being promoted from the second class to the first class of post offices next year, as the local office is showing a large margin over requirements and gaining in business every month. Postmaster Warner in view of this situation is enthused and has adopted the slogan, “Let’s Go,” of Postmaster General Will Hays.

Post offices are classified on business done during the calendar year, effective on the first of the following July. Medford’s postal receipts for the year ending June 30th are sufficient for first class qualification of office.

The gain for June 30, 1921 over June, 1920, is 31 percent. The gain for the quarter ending June 30, 1921, over the quarter ending June 30, 1920, is 24.4.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com