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Mail Tribune 100, July 9, 1921 continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

July 9, 1921 continued


There were a total of 216 inquiries received by the Chamber of Commerce during the month of June. These came from 33 different states, Canada, Washington, D. C., Hawaii and Central America. Many letters received contained a series of questions and were classified as being inquiries for general information. They also contained requests for literature of Medford and vicinity as well as for descriptive pamphlets of Crater Lake. In all there were 202 inquires for general information.

There were two requests made for the names of the real estate dealers of Medford, one asked for land values, seven inquired as to the possibility of their getting employment here, one wanted to know about getting a homestead and three made requests for information as to the possibility of establishing a garage or vulcanizing business.

Some 79 inquiries received could not be traced as to where the writer had his attention called to Medford. As a result of follow up letters, the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce was responsible for five of the inquiries, the National Park-to-Park Highway Association 710 and the Pacific Northwest Tourist Association 62.

For the past 14 months the state of California has led all of the states from which inquiries have been received, but during June the state of Illinois headed the list with 33 inquiries, California next with 28, Oregon 18, Washington 15, Michigan 14 and New York 12. There were very few inquiries from the wheat growing states such as Montana during the month of June, whereas in the past these states have always furnished a large proportion of those received.


The Trigonia well is now down approximately 1,350 feet and the showing of oil is good. Drilling has been stopped while the 8-inch casing is pulled and the 10-inch casing will be cemented in at 800 feet where the water came in.


Will Show English Picture

Announcement is made by Manager Antle the “The Call of Youth,” by Henry Arthur Jones, will be presented at the Rialto theatre for three days, starting tomorrow. The picture was made in England with an all-English cast.


Betty Compson, the “Rose” of “The Miracle Man,” in “Prisoners of Love,” her first starring vehicle, is the feature picture at the Page theatre for three days’ engagement beginning tomorrow.

The picture is a remarkable drama based on a great theme, faultlessly produced with the star in a role eminently suited to her particular talents and in which her beauty is enthralling.

With a story far above the average, a production that rivals the best of the year and a star of undenied ability, you may expect “Prisoners of Love” to prove one of the real dramatic treats of the season. Those who fail to see it will be missing one of the best bets of the year.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com