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Mail Tribune 100, July 13, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

July 13, 1921


Prisoners in the Jackson County jail have compiled a new set of rules and regulations for observance by the inmates, which will be strictly adhered to in the future, with the sanction of the sheriff and the county court. The rules govern the properties and niceties of serving a jail term, and are enforced by Peter Strauff, sentenced to five years in state prison at Salem for attempted burglary of the Gold Hill bank now awaiting an appeal to the supreme court. The rules are as follows:

The first one is for the offense of getting into jail, punishable by four hours in the “Polly cage.” This may be met by a fine. Commercialism is shown in this regulation, for newcomers have money, as a rule.

For spitting on the floor, through the window, or in the stove the offender has to wash the dishes an dishrags one day, and for the second offense, he does it for one week.

For throwing cigarettes, matches, papers, etc., any place but in the stove, the sentence is sweep the floor for two days for the first offense and a week for doing it a second time.

Using indecent language, “that can be heard outside” is punishable by from one day to a week in the “Polly cell.”

For not taking a bath at least twice a week, non bather must first wash himself, and then the dishrags. The second offense he is shoved under a cold shower, and for the third offense his fellow cellmates do it for him whenever the notion hits them.

The glutton is punished severely. The first time he “takes more than his share of the grub, he shall not help himself for four days, and if he does it again he shall never help himself again.”

“For picking up anything that does not belong to him,” one to five days washing dishrags is the penalty.


So far the attendance to Crater lake has not been up to what it was in 1920. The registration to July 9th was as follows: Klamath entrance this year, cars 194, people 715; last year 215 cars, 879 people. Medford entrance in 1920, cars 380, people 1,400; in 1921, cars 341, people 1,293. Totals 1920 cars 593; people 2,279. In 1921 cars 535; people 2,008. This does not include the east entrance and very few if any have come in from there so far this year. Of course the season is much later this year than last. There were ten passengers off the trains Tuesday morning for the lake and the attendance now is much larger per day than this time last year and the total attendance of the year will undoubtedly be greatly increased over last year.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com