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Mail Tribune 100, July 20, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago
July 20, 1921

Phillip Forrester, one of the most daring criminals on the Pacific coast who escaped from the county jail last winter by hitting Jailer Moses over the head with a stick of wood, was brought back from Seattle last night by Sheriff C. E. Terrill, to answer to a charge of attempted murder. He was first arrested for endeavoring to pass a forged check upon John Goodrich of The Toggery. Forrester gave the sheriff no trouble on the way south, but he was heavily handcuffed. Jailer Moses accompanied the party.

Forrester told the story of his escape last winter, and revealed the heretofore unknown information that in his flight from Jacksonville, a bullet fired by Jailer Moses nipped him in the muscles of the right leg causing him to bleed freely. He rode the blind baggage to Sacramento, Calif., and traveled into eastern Oregon by way of Nevada, and roamed around the northwest until captured by the Seattle police.

While in jail awaiting the arrival of Sheriff Terrill, a jailbreak was engineered by prisoners wanted for bank robbery in Portland, in which Forrester came within an ace of again flying the coop. With the bank bandits Forrester climbed to an areaway. One of the fugitives picked an Oregon boot, with a hairpin. He dropped the heavy boot, which hit Forrester on the shoulder, and knocked him back into jail.

On the way back Sheriff Terrill lodged Forrester in the Douglas County jail at Roseburg for a short stay.

Coming through Centralia, Wash., Sheriff Terrill and Forrester saw a man on the depot platform, that tallied with Dr. Brumfield, the dentist wanted for the sensational murder of a homesteader last week. As soon as the Roseburg reporters showed them a picture of the missing man, they identified him as the one they had seen at Centralia. It was in this town that Roy Gordiner, the mail sack robber was captured, after a thrilling escape.


The U. S. Geological survey for 1920 shows that the value of gold mined in Jackson County last year totaled $8,533, and in Josephine County $43,857. The number of producers in Jackson county was ten, in Josephine County 15. In Jackson County but 68 fine ounces of silver were mined. The total value of all minerals mined in the state of Oregon last year was $1,541,051. Baker is the leading mining county of the state.

Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com