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Mail Tribune 100, July 21, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

July 21, 1921


Several of the women county workers who were challenged by County Agent Cate to run a footrace at the Farm Bureau picnic have accepted the challenge on condition that County Agent Cate wear a skirt during the race. The skirt not to excel the width of one and one-half yards around the bottom and not to be more than ten inches from the floor in length. So that County Agent Cate cannot use this as excuse to withdraw his challenge, the county workers will even go so far as to furnish the skirt if necessary.


An attraction at the city auto camp Wednesday was the twin daughters, nine months old, of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Asbell of Chino, Calif., who are en route home from a tour north as far as Portland. The little sisters, exact images of each other, Dorothy and Isabel, lay most of the time on a blanket in the shade, cooing and enjoying life to the full. Their mother said they seldom cry.


J. W. Berrian, superintendent of the Butte Falls fish hatchery, is making an inspection of Lake of the Woods for the purpose of replenishing the lake with more trout this fall.


The public market this morning was an extra good one for the mid-week, with a plentiful supply of apricots, peaches, corn, blackberries and a fine line of seasonable vegetables. Blackberries sold at $1.50 a crate or 10 cents a box.


A number of lawn owners of the city are combatting the “Johnson grass,” a weed that grows rapidly. It is worse this year than usual, and keeps people with pride in their lawns busy trying to keep it back. It is a joint grass and a tap root springs forth at every joint, growing down to water. Burdette Dodge says that the fungus growth is a native of Texas. Another source of annoyance to lawn owners is the Oregon moss which grows in shady spots, and unless curbed will spread over the entire yard.


Ben Dixon Wednesday secured permission from the boxing commission to stage a series of bouts in this city August 5th. Dixon was told to use home material, and if it was a good one he would be granted permission to hold another one. He plans to match Chet Brown of this city, and Kid Sargent of Ashland for his headliner for the opening show. The preliminary arrangements are now under way. There will be two other bouts by local boys.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com