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Mail Tribune 100, July 23, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

July 23, 1921


“The first thing the city of Medford wants to do,” said Attorney Gus Newbury at the Earl Tumy garage fire last night, “is to vote a $100,000 bond issue and build a new reservoir, and construct a lot of new mains, so as to give the city the fire protection it deserves. The fire department did mighty well to keep the blaze where it was, but a little wind from the north or south would have left most of the business district in ashes. The matter of voting a bond issue is going to cause a lot of agony in come circles, but it is the sound and practical thing to do. The present system is unable to cope with a fire of any consequence. What we need is a water system for a town of 25,000.”

On every hand were conversations of similar trend from property owners who were visibly impressed by the serious possibilities they faced, if the blaze once got beyond control. Had a vote been taken right after the blaze it would have carried overwhelmingly.


The Trigonia Oil well in the Fern valley district is making good progress in getting out the ten-inch casing, and hope to have the hold ready to cement and stop the flow of water by next week. They were delayed by the non-arrival of a nipple. Over 1,600 feet of heavy 16-inch casing was handled during the last week. There will be no work Sunday.

The well in now down 1,350 feet, and excellent oil signs and sand have been brought up, so good that those in charge do not feel like imperiling it by the heavy flow of water. The present task is a slow process, and when the way is cleared for drilling, they expect to work every day in the week.


The hot weather record for the summer season so far was broken yesterday when the maximum temperature reached 100 degrees, which is one degree higher than the highest previous record reached about a week and a half ago. The official prediction of fair tonight and Sunday holds out no hope of relief from the present hot spell, but a slightly cloudy sky part of today held the temperature down when the sun was obscured.


Good news for Medford children is that a dog and pony circus seems to be headed this way from the north, and is now playing in Eugene.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com