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Mail Tribune 100, July 25, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

July 25, 1921


Ashland Man Negotiating for Plane to Carry Passengers to Scenic Wonder — Proposition Feasible Declares Expert — Round Trip to Lake Every Two Hours

Would you like to go to Crater Lake in half an hour? And not break the speed limit either, nor have a bump, nor see so much as a fleck of dust.

Well, that may be possible next year if present plans materialize. Edward High of Ashland, is negotiating for the purchase of an Ansaldo airplane with which he expects to establish air service to Crater Lake every two hours, during the summer. Carl Tengwald of the Crater Lake lodge is interested, while Lieutenant Carter in charge of the Medford fire patrol squadron has boosted the proposition to the extent of declaring it entirely feasible.

“The forced landing of one of our planes near Oasis Butte ten days ago,” said Lieutenant Carter today, “and its safe flight from there, demonstrates that a landing field near Crater Lake is possible, and there is no reason why air flights to Crater Lake should not be a permanent feature in the future.”

Heretofore the high altitude, coupled with the rocky character of the country have led airplane experts to doubt the feasibility of air passenger service to the lake. But the safe landing by Cadet Raymond C. Fisher in a DeHaviland, which is a much more difficult plane to negotiate than the slower Ansaldo, has definitely removed all doubt.


Round Trip Hour and Half

The round trip to Crater Lake could be made in an hour and a half and if patronage justified, a regular air stage could be run every two hours. It is believed that many tourists would be willing to pay the extra charge to see Crater Lake from the air, and be spared the automobile trip, while the carrying of mail would be an added advantage. Of course the entire matter is now in a speculative stage, but there is every reason to believe that sooner than many people realize, “to Crater Lake in half an hour” from Medford will be a reality.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com