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Mail Tribune 100, July 27, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

July 27, 1921


At the Forum luncheon this noon Delroy Getchell brought up the question of a new water reservoir and pipe line for Medford saying that action had previously been taken urging the board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce to assist in arousing public opinion in regard to the matter, and he wanted to know if anything had been done. Ben Sheldon, president of the chamber replied that the chamber had taken cognizance of the forum action and was anxious to do everything in its power to secure prompt action toward improving the city’s water supply and decreasing the fire hazard. A fire alarm sound at the time of discussion added emphasis to Mr. Getchell’s remarks.


Mr. and Mrs. Earl Tumy and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bowne arrived home from their camping trip near Crescent City, Calif., late last night, their outing sojourn having been interrupted Tuesday afternoon when Frank Doremus burst in on them with the news that the Tumy garage was burned down last Friday night.

Mr. Doremus, after all efforts had failed to reach Mr. Tumy by telephone and telegraph to inform him of the fire, drove to Crescent City and vicinity on a personal search for the party. He located them Tuesday afternoon camping along the Winchuck river near Crescent City. Mr. Tumy was astonished at the bad news brought, and the party hastily packed up and departed for Medford, driving their cars fast all the way and reaching here about 11:30 last night.

While Mr. Tumy has not yet got his bearing on the fire loss and has as yet made no statement relating thereto, it is understood that he was pretty well covered by insurance.


Hold Him Down

A penitent bootlegger came to his parish priest for confession. Now the priest was conversant with the conventional sins and had readymade phrases of absolution. But here was a new case, and one in which he feared to make a precedent. So he discreetly asked the visitor to wait a few minutes, and retiring to another room called up the archbishop. “Your Grace,” he called, “there has developed here a situation calling for authoritative direction at your hands. There is a bootlegger waiting in my anteroom. How shall I deal with him?” Answer came promptly. “Don’t pay him more than eight dollars a quart.” — S. F. Argonaut.


Every normal man, says Life, has two ambitions, to own a home and the other to own a car to get away from home.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com