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Mail Tribune 100, July 30, 1921 continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

July 30, 1921 continued


There is nothing new in the forest air patrol cessation situation except that it is temporary and the planes will again resume their daily flying patrols when shipments of oil and gas arrive at the headquarters of the 91st Aerial Squadron at Eugene.

It is the lack of oil and gas that has caused the present temporary abandonment of the service. The aviation section of the army buys gas and oil in wholesale quantities, and even if a shipment were made today to Eugene of these necessities of the air service from Richmond, Calif., it would be a week before it would reach the Eugene base. Portland, Salem and Eugene have all sent protests to Washington against stopping the federal fire patrol. The above information was obtained this afternoon from Captain Lowell H. Smith, commander of the 91st Aerial Squadron, who flew down here from Eugene to look over the local situation and to confer with Lieutenant Samuel Carter, commander of the sub-base at Medford. There is also nothing new relative to moving the men and planes from Medford to Eugene.


Forty-five thousand Blackspotted or Cutthroat fry have been liberated during the past week in the following streams from the Butte Falls hatchery, by Supt. J. W. Berrian:

North fork of Rogue river about three miles above Prospect, Mill creek about six miles above Prospect, Big Butte creek near its headwaters, and Little Butte creek at the Hanley ranch on the North fork of same.

It was necessary to liberate these fish to give additional room for the fry resulting from a shipment of rainbow trout eggs received from Diamond Lake on July 2nd.


Carl Ritter, manager of the Orpheum theater in Seattle who was recently here is of the opinion that the Orpheum vaudeville program could be given here once a week if the citizens of the city would patronize such a performance in sufficient numbers to warrant such action. The Orpheum vaudeville troupe passes through this city every week on their way to Sacramento from Portland and as they play only three nights in Portland they have three nights vacant before they play in Sacramento. Negotiations are now in progress to find out definitely whether or not this excellent entertainment can be secured and if so whether or not the people will support it.


A new, complete and strictly modern solid concrete school house with electric lights and running water is being erected in Sam’s Valley. It is equipped with a full basement, which will be used for a community hall. Miss Fulton is to be principal and will teach the high school grades. Miss Strauss will teach the intermediate grades and Miss Nealon the primary grades. The former Sam’s Valley and Chapparel schools will be consolidated and both will be conducted in the same building.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com