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Mail Tribune 100, Aug. 16, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

Aug. 16, 1921


C. J. Buck, District Forester, Starts Tour Covering Dead Indian, Diamond Lake, Lake of the Woods and Way Stations — Plan Improvements.

C. J. Buck, district forester with headquarters in Portland arrived this noon, and leaves this afternoon for a tour of the Crater Lake National park. He will visit Dead Indian Springs, Recreation Creek, Union Creek, Diamond Lake, and Lake of the Woods, the object of the visit being to inspect the recreational possibilities of these spots as a summer playground. Steps will be taken to survey the land for summer cottage sites, and to develop the hunting and fishing, as a lure for tourists. At Diamond Lake and Lake of the Woods the bathing facilities will come in for consideration, there being fine beaches at both.

Application for a concession for a hotel and store at Union Creek has been made, but not acted upon as yet by the Department of the Interior. There is a store at Dead Indian Springs,. It is expected that these privileges will be sought for Recreation Creek, Diamond Lake, and Lake of the Woods, before next season. Secretary of the Interior Fall on his visit to this section next week will be apprised of the fitness of the above spots for camping.

The above prospective resorts are tributary to Crater Lake, and one of the dreams of Crater Lake boosters for years has been to establish them as feeders to the scenic resort. The finest hunting and fishing in the world abounds in the streams and one the hills of this section. It is also highly productive of wild blackberries and raspberries, dewberries and huckleberries. Many local residents trek annually to that district for the wild fruit it affords.


The county exhibit for the state fair is being prepared. Plans are under way to have a wonderful exhibit from Jackson county at the state fair at Salem this fall. Already collections have been made on various grains and grasses and alfalfa and now is the time to make selection of good pears and other fruit. It is expected to show a full line of agricultural products that are grown in Jackson County and the co-operation of every farmer and fruit grower who has something for this exhibit, will be appreciated.

Any person having material which the think would make a nice display should communicate with the county agent so that arrangements can be made to select the material and place in proper storage.

Jackson County made a wonderful showing last year on fruits and vegetables and we want to make a display this year, which will cover all the agricultural products grown in the county.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com