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Mail Tribune 100, Sept. 17, 1921 continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

Sept. 17, 1921, continued


Medford’s new booster organization has been launched; there is a full head of steam in the boilers and everything is in readiness for a successful voyage but the craft still lacks a name. Every member of the crew has a different idea as to what name should be selected and in order to avoid mutiny Skipper J. J. Buchter has appointed a committee to attend to the matter.

Organizations of a similar nature in other parts of the northwest have selected names designed to call attention to the products or some other characteristic of the community. Salem for instance has her “Cherrians,” Portland the “Rosarians,” Vancouver, the “Prunarians,” etc.

The objects to be attained, the methods employed and the results which have followed such organizations are much the same. To the Salem Cherrians, perhaps more than any other factor in that city goes the credit for the wide publicity of that community’s products of field and orchard, of the desirability of residence and farm property in that vicinity as an investment for the highest type of home seeker.

... Such organization provide the framework upon which may be built any civic project which requires an effort too large to be handled by a few individuals. A group of boosters working together through organization may accomplish much, just as a well organized army wins victory where unorganized forces, be they ever so willing cannot succeed.

Several names suggested by members of the local organization would seem appropriate and hold possibilities in the way of publicity equally as good as names chosen by other Oregon cities. A. H. Miller suggested the body be known as the “Craters.” C. C. Lemmon suggested “Pearians,” and several other good suggestions have been made.

President Buchter believes that many more good ideas may be forthcoming and with this in view has appointed a committee to conduct a contest open to everyone in the community and appropriated $25 to be given as a cash prize for the name submitted which the committee selects as the most appropriate.

Should any member of the organization win the prize the money will revert to the treasury. The name of the person submitting an answer will not appear on the paper on which the name suggested is written, but will be written on a coupon and pinned to the paper. As answers are received on member of the committee will affix a number to the paper and a corresponding number to the coupon. The coupon will then be detached and filed and the paper submitted to the whole committee for decision.

The contest will run for three days beginning today and the winner will be announced as soon as the committee passes on all names submitted.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com