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Mail Tribune 100, Sept. 30, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

Sept. 30, 1921


The directors of the Medford Chamber of Commerce, because of the desire on the part of the members as expressed on a number of occasions in favor of an armory, requested County Judge Gardner and Commissioners Owens and Bursell to set aside a sufficient fund from next year’s taxes to permit the construction of the Medford armory during 1922.

The resolution adopted sets forth that it was not the desire of the directors to have them increase the taxes for this purpose, but that the same be diverted from some one of the other activities of the county that during 1922 could be curtailed without serious effect on the welfare of the people of Jackson County.

The county’s share toward the cost of the proposed $80,000 armory is $20,000 and approximately $5,500 of this has been set aside during this past year. It is the balance of $14,500 that it is desired to be made available next year as the city of Medford is prepared to contribute its share of $20,000 at that time and the state appropriation of $40,000 has been set aside but cannot be obtained until the city and county match it with and equal amount.

It was the original intention of the county authorities to arrange for the county’s proportionate cost of the structure by four annual assessments, but due to there being no adequate quarters for the local National Guardsmen, this request is being made to relieve the situation as soon as possible.


The duck hunting season opens tomorrow for all counties in the state west of the summit of the Cascade mountains. The season lasts until January 15th. Local sportsmen should take heed that the open season for quail hunting does not begin until Oct. 15th, the state fish and game commission at its recent meeting having changed the date from Oct. 1st as originally set.


Fishing is over at the Rogue river and the Macleay cannery is closed for the season. The pack this year has an average pack, there being 21,900 cases of Chinook. No silversides were packed. The pack is sold and delivered by the schooner Tramp to the rocks on the bay and shipped to market. — Coos Bay Harbor.


Just a nice drive to the Riverside Community club house, pavement all the way, jazzy music, good eats and a congenial crowd. Let’s perambulate Saturday night, Oct. 1st.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com