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Mail Tribune 100, Dec. 3, 1921 continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

Dec. 3, 1921, continued

(Note: This is a continuation of the story from Dec. 3)


A.B. Gates, Star Witness in Bootleg Cases, Charged in Three Complaints With Violation Liquor Laws — Hearing Set for Next Saturday

The first known of the effort of Edwards to cause Gates’ arrest was when A. J. T. Smith, Justice of the Peace at Gold Hill called up the district attorney’s office here Friday morning, seemingly in a much perplexed state of mind, and stated to Attorney George Codding, acting district attorney while Rawles Moore’s time is occupied in circuit court, that a man who gave his name as James Edwards had filed three complaints in his court against a man named A. B. Gates, one for having liquor in his possession on August 6th, 7th, and two for giving away liquor on August 7th and 16th. Justice Smith stated also over the telephone that the complaints had been filed in his court by an attorney whom he said he did not know, and that he wanted to set the hearing for two o’clock Friday. Attorney Codding then called and informed him that neither District Attorney Moore nor himself could be present at that time, and to go ahead with the arraignment of Gates and set the hearing for some time next week, and to release Gates on his own recognizance. This was done.

Gates Bluffs Sheriff

The first Gates knew of the warrants being out against him was when on Thursday night at midnight Deputy Sheriff Forncrook appeared at his room at the Hotel Medford with the warrants to place him under arrest. Gates absolutely refused to be placed under arrest at that time, stating as he was a special state agent or officer, he could not be arrested on such charges at that time. He volunteered to go into court himself next day, it is said.

Deputy Sheriff Forncrook was thrown up in the air by Gates’ attitude, it is further said, and consulted Sheriff Terrill, who was likewise somewhat muddled up by this situation.

When Gates reported to the district attorney and Attorney Boggs on Friday of the effort to arrest him, they at once called up the sheriff and demanded that the warrants be served.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com