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Mail Tribune 100, Dec. 10, 1921 continued

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

Dec. 10, 1921 continued


The retail stores of Medford will be open to shoppers on the evenings of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday before Christmas. The grocery stores will be open on Saturday night as usual, but will remain closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

As Christmas comes on Sunday, all retail stores will be closed on Monday.

The impression that stores will be open evenings during this next week is erroneous. They will only be open the evenings mentioned of the week preceding Christmas.


The election at which the improvement of the county fair grounds is to be considered will take place next Wednesday. The entire county will vote upon the question and a circular has been sent to every registered voter in order that the plans of the fair association may be thoroughly understood.

In order that information relative to the election be given to such voters as are not registered, but who undoubtedly would go to the polls and vote to improve the fair grounds if they understood the benefit that would come to the agricultural industry, the circular is printed in this paper.

The only objection that has been heard as to the building of permanent buildings on the fair grounds is that it requires additional taxation. The voters should not get the idea that it’s a one percent tax, but only one-tenth of one percent. A farm which has an assessed valuation of $3,000, pays but $3.00. It is not a continuing tax, but it is for this next year only. In voting the tax for the improvement program, the timber resources of the county and all public service corporations pay their proportionate share, so that there is an equitable distribution of the cost on all taxable property in the county.


Development at Trigonia well this week has progressed nicely, although gas eruptions have made additional work. On Wednesday there was an eruption of gas twice during the day.

Again on Friday, the pressure from gas raised the casing eight inches. Oil-sands are present and tests give splendid results. With the remarkable showing of gas and oil the management are making every effort to expedite the work and complete a test at the present depth. Drilling is being rushed as fast as possible, and on this account work will be carried on tomorrow, Sunday.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com