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Mail Tribune 100, Dec. 23, 1921

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

Dec. 23, 1921


One and one-half inches of snow fell in Medford and vicinity during last night and up to an early hour this morning, the first real snowfall of the season, filled the natives with gleeful anticipations for a much longed for white Christmas.

A greater amount of snow had really fallen, as it began snowing about 7 o’clock last night and snowed hard off and on. It was a soft snow, however, and much of it melted away during the night, and even this morning although it had grown colder there was considerable slush on the streets. Snow or rain is the prediction for tonight and Saturday.

It seemed almost too good to be true when the school children awoke this morning wondering how they would spend their first day of the holiday vacation, to look out and find the ground covered with snow. Very soon most of the “kids” were outside in the yards snowballing and fashioning grotesque snow images.

The women of the city were busy this forenoon sweeping the snow off sidewalks around homes, as the men folks on leaving this morning for their work were so overcome with surprise at the sight of the snow and Christmas anticipation that they never noticed the necessity of wielding shovels and brooms.


Another epidemic of speeding and careless driving by local motorists has broken loose or possibly it is a sudden increase in the activity of speed cops. At any rate, it will pay local motorists to watch their speedometers.

Within the past three days six arrests have been made by Deputy Sheriff Millard and Special State Officer S. B. Sandifer.

The following arrests were made by Officer Milard: W. N. Blair of Ashland, Gordon Voorhies and Charles Peterson of this city, Peterson and Voorhies were tried before Justice of the Peace Farrell yesterday. Peterson was fined $5 and Voorhies $15.

Allan McClanahan, local taxi driver, was arrested last night by Officer Sandifer and was tried this morning in the local justice court. As this was his second offense he was fined $25. Robert Kent, driver of a Medford-Ashland stage, was arrested Wednesday and was tried yesterday; a fine of $10 being imposed. R. A. Hubbard was also arrested Wednesday by Officer Sandifer and was fined $10 yesterday. All of the men entered a plea of guilty.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com