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Mail Tribune 100, Jan. 12, 1922

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

Jan. 12, 1922


Another exhibition of the love which the late Colonel H. H. Sargent held during his life for Medford and Jackson County is shown by the fact that in his will he left a valuable collection of books and a large photograph of himself taken in uniform during his War College service at Washington, to the public library of Medford.

These books and the photograph are now arranged in the southwest alcove of the library where they will no doubt attract much attention from the many friends and admirers of the late colonel. The library board officially accepted the collection on January 3rd, and much appreciates the gift.

The 167 volumes in the Sargent collection comprise essays, letters, books of travel and biography by well known authors, and high class fiction.

Included in the collection are 15 volumes of “Modern Eloquence,” by Thos. B. Reed, 10 volumes of John Lord’s “Beacon Lights of History,” and the complete works of Ambrose Pierce.

Colonel Sargent who was an authority and author of world fame on military strategy and other military subjects, left his military works, comprising 400 volumes to Blackburn University at Carlinville, Ill., from which institution he was graduated as a young man.


Interest in the Farmer’s Week sessions continues unabated at the public library hall, and there was a full house attendance all day yesterday.

Keen interest was shown in the resume of irrigation principals by Prof. Powers of the O. A. C. Profitable irrigation depends upon many factors, the speaker showed, and the importance of crop rotations, stable manure and commercial fertilizers was displayed on charts showing effects and results of many experiments.

Plans were made for holding a three days irrigation school, Feb. 2, 3, and 4 in Medford, at which time all phases of irrigation will be thoroughly discussed.

Prof. A. E. Brandy of the O. A. C. pleased and interested a large audience in his discussion on home building, as it applies to rural conditions.

Friday is marketing day and should break all records for attendance, as it will not avail farmers very much to produce unless there is some equitable marketing worked out for all commodities.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com