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Mail Tribune 100, Jan. 28, 1922

The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

Jan. 28, 1922


Purchase by the Western Pacific of the California, Nevada and Oregon railroad, a line 170 miles long running from Hackstaff, Calif., to Lakeview, Oregon, and the expenditure of several million dollars in the improvement of their terminal facilities at San Francisco, and the extension of the interurban lines in the Sacramento valley, has revived the ancient rumor that the P. & E. is soon to be a connecting link between eastern and southern Oregon, with Joe Gagnon’s Coast railroad, the first step in a rail advance towards the Pacific ocean. The failure of the N. C. and O. to operate was threatened, and Lakeview citizens appealed to the Oregon railway commission, which appeal was denied, causing the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce to designate themselves “The County Oregon Forgot,” resulting in sympathetic editorials in all Portland papers.

The N. C. and O. taps a rich timber country, and like the Natron cut off has long been in the news when the same was short. The Western Pacific is one of the few railroads in the country that is reaching out for new territory, and as a matter of fact, it could with the above named roads as a nucleus reach Crescent City. The Sacramento Union, sizes up the situation thusly:

Although the proposed electric line takes on the color of an ambitious venture, the reported acquisition of the Nevada-California-Oregon railroad, running from Hackstaff to Lakeview, Ore., a distance of 170 miles, is declared a far more strategic move.

What hangs on “the strategic move,” nobody knows except that it is the mother of many rumors.


A fair crowd of high school students attended the 23-12 dance at the American Legion hall last night and enjoyed dancing from the time of the close of the basketball game until 1 a.m. Herman Silverman, ’round-the-world hiker entertained with several whistling numbers.


Ashland High School will meet the Eugene team which was defeated by the local hoopsters last evening by a score of 18-20, on the Ashland high school gym floor tonight. Eddie Durno, of Oregon basketball fame will referee the Ashland-Eugene game tonight. It is expected that a large number of Medford fans will attend the contest.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com