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Mail Tribune 100, Feb. 4, 1922 continued

News from 100 years ago
The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

Feb. 4, 1922 continued


The Medford high school student body and a number of other spectators witnessed last evening one of the most appalling and awkward exhibitions of clumsy, butterfingeredness ever seen on the Nat floor, when the local high school team played the Talent high school a game of what was supposed to be basketball.

Medford was defeated by a score of 25-16 and has not played in as poor form all season. Passing was wild and it seemed impossible for the Medford hoopsters to hit the ring. They shot repeatedly from close range and missed a remarkable number of times. In the first half Talent shot less than half as many times as Medford and at the end of that period the score was tied, 5-5.

In the last two or three minutes of the game the Medford quintet began to pick up and piled in two or three baskets with a brand of action which has been seen several times this season.

If this had happened earlier in the game, a defeat would have been less probable, but as it was the five Red and Black basketeers came to their senses about fifteen minutes too late to avert disgrace.

The Talent team, however, was no mean opponent and it will be remembered that it was defeated by Eugene by a score of 22-15 and was coming strong with 13 minutes to go when the lights in the Talent gym failed. Also that it tied Ashland in the first half and ultimately suffered a defeat by a very small margin. However, the Medford five should have been able to defeat the Talent team and would have had they not all been in a state of lethargy. The home boys have been under a severe mental strain as this is the start of a new school semester and it appears that the heavy study recently indulged in has afflicted the squad with brain fog which has produced temporary incapacitation for the use of that part of the anatomy which surmounts the shoulders.


The Shriners are the first one of the fraternal organizations to purchase trees in the “Buy a Tree” campaign to beautify the county fair community grounds. Hillah Temple voted last evening to subscribe $25 for 25 trees as their contribution toward this progressive movement.

The Shriners have set a worthy example for other fraternities to follow. In years to come when the trees have attained a size that will furnish shade for the picnic grounds the members of these organizations will be proud to see the trees labeled as having come from their fraternal organization.

The first one of the individual contributions for trees comes from T. H. Simpson of Ashland. He has requested that two trees be planted in the name of Thomas Simpson and Nellie G. Simpson.

A number of Medford residents have expressed their desire to purchase some trees and plant them in the name of their children, but no report of same will be made until their names are on the dotted line, accompanied with a check for the number of trees they subscribe for.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com