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Mail Tribune 100, Feb. 6, 1922

News from 100 years ago
The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

Feb. 6, 1922


The usual weekly bootlegging sensation in Medford opened here today, with Sam W. McClenden being sentenced in Justice Taylor’s court to 30 days in jail and a fine of $250 and costs, following his arrest late Saturday night on the charge of selling a quart of whiskey to Dan Pritchard, a canal company worker, who was also arrested, pleaded guilty and was fined $10 today in the same court on the charge of intoxication.

This clean-up is due to the activities of S. B. Sandifer, Special Prohibition Enforcing Officer for the state, assisted by Night Patrolmen Leggett, Cave and Adams.

The arrest of McClenden for the second time on practically the same charge and under similar circumstances within three weeks, in itself furnished a local sensation, which was greatly aided to through McClenden promptly confessing to the officers after his arrest that in the sale of the quart bottle of whiskey to Pritchard for $16, he was again acting as the go-between for Dud Wolgamott and the purchaser.

Three weeks ago as McClenden was leaving the home of Wolgamott on North Central Avenue, he was arrested with liquor in his possession and confessed then to having just gotten it in the Wolgamott house. In his confession, he told that Wolgamott kept liquor for sale cached in behind secret panels in the rear of the fireplace. A search of the house by the officers resulted in finding the liquor as McClenden had told and the arrest of Wolgamott and his being bound over to the grand jury in $500 cash bail. A case against Wolgamott for bootlegging was then pending in circuit court and he was enjoying his freedom under $1,000 cash bail.

The story of McClenden and Pritchard as to last Saturday night’s events to which it is understood that they had made affidavits, is to the effect that Pritchard gave McClenden $16 to buy a quart of whiskey of Wolgamott, and the two then went to Wolgamott’s home to get it. Pritchard remaining outside on the street while McClenden went inside to negotiate the transaction with Wolgamott. McClenden came from the house with the information that they should walk on down the street a ways and the Wolgamott would deliver the quart himself.

They walked away half a block, the two men claimed, when Wolgamott drove up in his car and handed the bottle over for Pritchard.

It seems that McClenden and Pritchard were shadowed by officers. Pritchard then went to his room in a rooming house and invited a friend in to help him drink up the booze and they were engaged in that duty when the police closed in on them and arrested Pritchard.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com