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Mail Tribune 100, Feb. 10, 1922

News from 100 years ago
The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

Feb. 10, 1922


A bum pair of Portland skis forced Walter Bowne and Otto Jeldness of the Busy Corner Motor company to abandon their mid winter excursion to Crater Lake, the two hardy adventurers returning last night after mushing as far as Union Creek where they spent the night Wednesday.

Otto Jeldness, who made his own skis had no serious difficulty, but the Portland skis purchased by Mr. Bowne not only sagged amidships but collected a ton or so of snow every few rods, making transportation decidedly difficult.

The two men left Prospect Wednesday morning and were driven a mile toward Union Creek by Jim Grieve. Then the hike started. It took about seven hours to negotiate the 11 miles to Union Creek. Here a cabin was available and fire wood, but no blankets. The night was spent in fitful sleep and intermittent tea brewing, and when morning dawned and a wet snow again started to fall it was decided to return to a lower altitude.

Mr. Bowne today was suffering from low visibility and a high temperature, but serious results are expected. Otto Jeldness aside from being snow blind, and showing a heavy list to starboard, was feeling pretty well and appeared for work as usual.

It has not been decided as yet whether or not another attempt will be made to secure photographs and literary atmosphere at the lake during the winter season, but Jim Grieve, who telephoned today to find out how the expedition arrived in Medford said he would be glad to accompany such an expedition in three or four months.


Anastase Andrevitch Vonslatskoy-Vonslatskoy, who fought in several of the anti-Bolshevik armies in Russia and is now employed as a chemist at the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, has wed Mrs. Marion Buckingham Ream Stephens, heiress to millions in New York City. She is one of the seven children of the late Norman B. Ream, of Chicago, whose estate was estimated as worth about $40,000,000 when he died. She is 45 years old, he 23. Mrs. Stephens was divorced in 1918 by Redmond D. Stephens, a Chicago lawyer, on a charge of desertion. Following the divorce she went to Europe to engage in war work and met Vonslatskoy-Vonslatskoy. Mrs. Stephens frequently visited in Medford and is an old time friend of several residents in the valley.


Reports have reached Ashland that about 40 head of cattle are snowed in at Johnson’s Prairie, a point about 25 miles from Ashland on the Green Springs road. It is not known whose cattle they are, but it is hoped the owner will be able to locate them before it is too late. — Ashland Tidings.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com