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Mail Tribune 100, March 2, 1922

News from 100 years ago
The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

March 2, 1922


Three burglaries were committed in Medford last night and the police warn citizens to see that their windows and doors are locked securely at night. There is no clue to the criminals who operated last night, and who failed to obtain much booty. The three places were entered between midnight and morning, and entrance at each was gained by forcing open a window.

At the home of Dr. R. W. Stearns on Orange street, they obtained a gold Waltham watch of the doctor’s, a purse containing $10, the property of Mrs. Stearns, and a pair of driving gloves. It was the second time this home was entered by burglars within six months, the last visit being in October.

The burglars who visited the home of Frank P. Farrell on West Main street took away nothing of value.

The same burglars who entered the Stearn’s home next visited the home of J. C. Barnes on Peach street in the rear, where they carried away a $4 watch and a necktie. This evidently so discouraged them that they gave up work for the night and went home to rest up from their risky and unprofitable labor. Mr. Banes offers a reward of $2 for the return of his watch.


In a 46-page typewritten report on the financial condition of Jackson County, filed and completed by E. M. Wilson, public accountant, Sheriff C. E. Terrill, grilled in the report of the last grand jury report for failure to perform his duty, “if not actually aiding wrongdoers,” is given the following commendation:

“The sheriff is under great financial responsibility, almost equaling that of the treasurer, and the analysis of the tax records shows efficiency in this work, minor errors in the distribution of funds occur, but under the system of tax distribution errors are readily detected and by notice of delinquency to taxpayers, which is now required by law other collection errors are found and corrected. Very few small errors occur in the distribution of special funds by the sheriff as tax collector, and accuracy of the work in the sheriff’s office in the tax collection totaling $1,103,996.78 is commendable.”

The report also shows that the net tax delinquency December 31 amounted to $121,070.24, or less than 10 percent.

County resources, according to the report, exceed that of 1921 by $89,810.67, and the net liability reduction in 1921 is shown by the report to be $44,279.42.

The report also shows that $2,972,795.68 were disbursed in warrants by the county treasurer. The county valuation is placed at $27,412,252.

The fines collected by justices of the peace for the year amounted to $3,091.05.

“Very little of the report is written, practically all of it being tables showing the condition of each office, and the auditor in conclusion urges more interest in county affairs by the individual to get the best in county management.”

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com