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Mail Tribune 100, March 3, 1922

News from 100 years ago
The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

March 3, 1922


Medford Mayor Announces Decision Concerning Race for Governor — Too Many Candidates in Field — Avowed Candidate 4 Yrs. Hence

The next governor of Oregon will not hail from Medford, as Mayor C. E. Gates today finally announced a decision not to enter the race for the republican nomination at the May primaries, after having carried on a flirtation on the subject the past two months during which he visited Portland many times and spent considerable time there in conference with his political friends and in studying the situation.

However, Mayor Gates announces that he is an avowed candidate for gubernatorial nomination four years from now and that he and his potential political organization will henceforth work to that end.

Pop’s decision to keep out of the coming race was reached after hearing from a meeting held by his Portland lieutenants and adherents Wednesday afternoon.

“We reached the conclusion that because of the peculiar political situation now, and the fact that there are so many candidates in the field, either already entered or about to enter, that the time is inopportune for me to get into the race this year, but decided to lay back and build up an organization with the purpose in view of my landing the nomination for governor four years from now.

“While I was a potential candidate I had an astonishing amount of support and pledges of support from all parts of the state. A number of my local friends to whom I imparted my decision last night not to run expressed deep disappointment and thought I was foolish not to go ahead, but to any one familiar with the inside situation it did not seem wise for me to go out for the nomination.”


The Associated Oil company which this week took over the Medford service station will erect a new fabricated steel station in the near future and will install all modern equipment and concrete driveways. McDonald and Furhan, former owners of the station, will continue in the tire accessory business in the brick building directly west of the service station. Charles Henselman has resigned his position with the Standard Oil company and has taken a position with the Medford service station. Jack Heath and Everett Brayton, local young men, will also be employed at the station.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com