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Mail Tribune 100, April 3, 1922

News from 100 years ago
The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

April 3, 1922


Theatrical records have suffered some important readjustments since the first performance of Ethel Barrymore in Zoe Atkins play, “Declassee,” at the New York Empire theatre. Throughout the entire season Miss Barrymore occupied the stage of the Empire theatre, achieving the distinction of being the only star who ever opened and closed a season at that aristocratic Frohman playhouse playing the same piece continuously.

At Powers theatre in Chicago, later Miss Barrymore established a new record for enormous attendance and receipts. For fifty consecutive performances there was not an unoccupied seat in that theatre. In “Declassee” Miss Barrymore is to be seen at the Page theatre.

Tonight the curtain will rise promptly at 8:30.


Chief of Police Timothy discovered an abandoned Chevrolet Baby Grand touring car on the highway south of this city last Thursday and took it into custody after which he got into touch with Portland officials who were looking for the stolen car.

The car had been stolen from N. R. Long of Portland and had been driven through this city to the place where it had been abandoned. The thieves, it is believed, took to the railroad after having left the car and have not been apprehended. The owner’s overcoat and cap were still in the back seat of the car just as they had been when the car was stolen from Portland and the only other object found in the car was a half loaf of bread in the front seat.

A special agent of the insurance company interested in the recovery of the car arrived yesterday morning and the chief turned the car over to him to be driven back to Portland.


Saturday was one of the biggest shopping days in Medford for weeks, a number of merchants report, with many rural customers. The fine weather of that day seemed to inspire activity in buying of spring goods.


A large picture of the Medford high school girls basketball team was printed in the sport section of yesterday’s Oregonian. The picture was labeled “Southern Oregon Champions” and some of the reading matter beneath it stated that the girls had won the championship of southern Oregon and northern California five times in the past six years. The picture was printed above a similar one of the team of the Corvallis high school who won the Willamette valley championship this year.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com