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Mail Tribune 100, May 13, 1922 continued

News from 100 years ago
The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

May 13, 1922 continued


As the Jackson County Fair Association has no cash with which to pay for the preliminary expenses of the fair this fall, the Pendleton plan for the advance sale of tickets to the merchants of the various communities of the county is now being considered.

This plan is to have the merchants buy admittance tickets, which they will offer for sale in their place of business during the fair. It is preferred to have those who intend to visit the fair buy their tickets in the communities near which they live in order to avoid delay and congestion at the entrance gates.

In case the plan is adopted, the merchants would be provided with placards advertising people to buy their tickets at their places of business and merchants will then be reimbursed for the cash advanced to pay for advertising and many other preliminary expenses which the fair association is called upon to spend before the opening date.


“One of the finest sights I saw on my trip through the Near East last summer, was the American flag floating over more than 12,000 children, safe in our great Alexandropal orphanage,” states J. J. Handsaker. “One day ‘Alice’ of ‘Alice in Hungerland,’ climbed with me to the top of the great tower in the Russian church and looked over the parade grounds where 6,000 of these children were drawn up to greet her as the representative of the one nation in the world that has a heart big enough to care for the waifs of the Near East. As those 6,000 orphan children, lovely, attractive, promising children arose and saluted the flag which she waved to them there was born in us who saw the sight a new love for the country of the stars and stripes.

“While ‘Alice in Hungerland’ has many beautiful scenes, the one which moves me most is this one at Alexandropal. I hope every adult in Medford who can possible do so will see the free showing of ‘Alice’ at the Rialto on Wednesday. As the school children have already seen the picture and as the capacity of the Rialto is quite limited I am asking that children do not attend except when accompanied by parents and only when it is necessary that they come.”

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com