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Mail Tribune 100, May 20, 1922 continued

News from 100 years ago
The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

May 20, 1922 continued


Something big is being planned for the annual get-together meeting of the members of the Medford Chamber of Commerce on the evening of the second day of June.

The “Medford Spirit of 1910” will permeate the atmosphere on that occasion and recall the many interesting events and conditions that existed in Medford at that time. This part of the program will be in charge of Paul McDonald and Larry Mann who guarantee that they will be guided by absolute truthfulness in the presentation of this spirit.

This annual get-together will take place at the Medford Hotel and will follow a dinner. An address will be made by W. E. Bobbitt of Woodland, California, and the subject “Cooperate or Collapse.” This speaker happens to be in Oregon at that time, otherwise it would have been impossible to have secured him

The directors of the chamber of commerce have appointed a large committee to arrange for this meeting in order that it be made the biggest chamber of commerce event of the year. ...

At a meeting of this committee last evening, Bert Anderson was requested to take charge of the campaign to secure a large attendance of the membership, Mrs. Rose G. Schieffelin was named as chairman of the committee on music and entertainment.

The committee was unanimous in their desire to see that this meeting be snappy from the beginning to the end and that it would not be a long drawn out affair to which end every member is working.


Howe’s Great London Circus with Van Amberg’s Trained Wild Animals will exhibit in Medford on Tuesday, May 30.

Advertising car No. 2, in charge of Bert J. Chipman, contracting press agent, was in the city yesterday, with fifteen billposters, programmers and Lithographers, busily hanging luridly colored posters, picturing the wonders, novelties and thrills to be viewed on the day of exhibition — all for fifty cents.

Among the outstanding features will be a grand spectacular extravaganza “Cinderella in Jungleland,” introducing an army of people, countless animals, brilliant lighting and musical effects; “Muzpah” sacred white camel, one of a troupe of camels who have been broken to perform; “Milt” and “Bessie,” a pair of baby cub lions, born only recently; Jules Jacot’s group of forest-bred, black-maned African lions; Mlle. LaNova’s mixed group of wild and domestic animals; Mlle. Falkenstorf’s cougars, leopards and jaguars; “Maud,” the only mule ever broken to do cake-walking; Chas. Fulton’s ball room dancing horses; Casteel’s educated dogs, monkeys and goats, and clowns, fifty of them.

There will be a street parade with bands, calliopes, pretty women and beautiful horses, which will be worth traveling miles to see.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com