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Mail Tribune 100, May 27, 1922

News from 100 years ago
The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

May 27, 1922


A wind suddenly sprang up this morning in Medford and the valley, which maintained the average proportion of a 30-mile an hour gale during the forenoon, and at times hit the 45-mile gait for a brief period.

The wind did not do any especial damage, but blew loose blossoms and buds from the fruit trees, and clusters of leaves from other trees, besides rearranging portable things on the ground and chasing many a man after his hat. This hard blow may not necessarily be followed by a rain, according to the weather sharps in the county agent’s office.

When asked for an explanation as to the cause of the wind Floyd Young said something like the following:

“There is an area of very light barometric pressure northeast of us and a low barometer south of us which causes a high whirling wind.”

“That’s it,” said C. C. Cate, fondling his now red mustache, “the high is chasing around the low.” This explanation of the two above named men is published because of its mysterious profundity. Any precocious child, or Shrine hotel tank diver could understand it.

Fair and warmer weather is the prediction of tonight and fair weather for Sunday.


Jack Connor of Oakland, Calif., has been secured for the second boxing smoker of the season, which will be held at the Natatorium next Friday night. Jess Ingram is Manager Dixon’s most likely protege to be matched with the boy from the south for the ten-round main event. As a semi-windup Kid Meadows will tangle with Fighting Joe Blackburn for six rounds. Both boys are in good shape and should put up a real exhibition of fistic calisthenics. Other good matches including a battle for the flyweight title of the valley between Tim Murphy and K. O. Bob Spencer.

The “Fight or no Money” feature of Friday’s smoker will insure Southern Oregon fans a good card. The Medford Boxing commission will supervise the event and from the interest already aroused, there are indications that the attendance will exceed that of the last smoker.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com