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Mail Tribune 100, June 30, 1922

News from 100 years ago
The following news items were drawn from the archives of the Mail Tribune 100 years ago

June 30, 1922


County Physician Declares 3 Reports Show Serious Contamination — Colon Bacilli Numerous — Investigate the Road Camps for Cause.

Don’t drink water from Rogue river! This is the warning by Dr. W. P. Holt, county physician, made public today.

Dr. Holt has recently sent three specimens of water taken from the river from the Dodge bridge to Trail to Portland for analysis and each report has been “water not fit to drink.”

The cause of the contamination is not known, but that it is a serious contamination is shown by the report of from 50 to 200 bacilli per cubic centimeter.

The colon bacilli form the dangerous element, and more than 2 colon bacilli per cubic centimeter is dangerous to health, according to official government reports.

Dr. Holt is investigating the road camps on the river, but as yet has found no condition which would account for the deplorable condition. The state analysis mean that human sewage is contaminating the water somewhere at least as far up the river as Trail.


The West Side Tennis club handicap tournament has been formally opened and play will continue over the weekend. In opening round of the tournament, Carter Boggs defeated Fletcher Stout 20-30, 22-29 and 22-29. Horace Bromley defeated Rawles Moore 20-30, 30-29 and 30-22. C. C. Lemmon won from Herb Alford by default as the latter injured his leg several days ago while diving from the springboard at Helman’s and was unable to play.

The balance of the opening round will be run off today with the semifinal and finals scheduled for Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

This tournament is the first in Medford to be governed by the new Spaulding handicap rules and is creating no little interest among local tennis fans.

Another thing arousing interest in the ranks of local tennis players is the new Copco court which is being rushed to completion and which will be finished in the near future. It is planned to have the court ready for play Saturday afternoon of this week. There will, no doubt, be a summer of Copco members “among those present” on the opening day.

— Alissa Corman; acorman@rosebudmedia.com