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Pedestrian killed by Greyhound bus in Central Point

A man who was traveling from Seattle to California died early Thursday morning after being run over by a Greyhound bus.

At about 1:29 a.m., the man was found dead under the passenger side of the bus near the Pilot Travel Center on Peninger Road, according to Central Point police Detective Josh Abbott. The bus had stopped on its way south, but how the man ended up underneath remains under investigation.

"We don't have everything put together yet," Abbott said, adding that there's no security footage to draw from in the case.

The man had no identification on him, but through Greyhound ticket information, investigators believe they've narrowed down the victim's identity. Tracking next of kin, however, has proven to be a challenge. Police are performing a forensic examination on a prepaid Android phone the victim had with him, but they "haven't had any luck on that yet." 

The victim was found just behind the bus's stair ramp, Abbott said. The man was possibly late in returning to the bus and may have tried to get the driver's attention to get back on by running toward the bus, but there are conflicting witness reports, Abbott said. 

Some witnesses on the bus said the man had banged on the bus trying to be let back on, but the driver refused to stop. One of the bus's passengers called 911, according to Jackson County Fire District 3.

"We don't know which version is correct, or if it's something else at this point," Abbott said. "That's still part of the investigation, trying to determine how he ended up being on the side of the bus and then underneath the bus."

There were reports of intoxicated and disruptive passengers removed from the bus that night, starting at least in Portland, according to Abbott, though it's unclear whether the victim was involved in such activity and what factor it may have played in the accident.

"It sounded like there was a lot of action on that bus that was not necessarily wanted by the driver," Abbott said.

Abbott didn't name the driver, who lives in California, but said he is cooperating with investigators. Police don't believe the driver was intoxicated. His name likely will be released with the victim's name, according to Abbott.

The Serious Traffic Accident Reconstruction team reconstructed the scene using a three-dimensional imaging device called a FARO scanner, a purchase made about a month ago.

"It takes millions and millions and millions of measurements and it puts them all together," said Cpl. David Penkava with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. "We can create essentially a three-dimensional view of the entire scene."

A section of Peninger Road was shut down until about 6 a.m. while police conducted their investigation, Abbott said.

— Mail Tribune Web Editor Ryan Pfeil contributed to this story.

Pedestrian killed by Greyhound bus in Central Point