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How many acres did the Klondike and Taylor Creek fires burn?

We’d all agree that was a summer to remember, or possibly forget. The fires pretty much forced me to stay indoors for more than two months. Could you tell me how many acres burned in the biggest fire, the Klondike, but I guess we should just call it the Klondike-Taylor Creek fire since they burned together?

— Jeff M., Central Point

It was interesting to watch the two fires, the Taylor Creek and Klondike, as they grew in size over the summer and eventually burned together.

Officially the U.S. Forest Service declared the Klondike fire 100-percent contained Nov. 28. It burned over 175,528 acres and cost $104 million. It was Oregon’s largest wildfire for 2018.

Located 9 miles west of Selma, the Klondike started along with a number of other fires July 15.

The Taylor Creek fire, contained in October, burned 53,000 acres and was to the west of Merlin.

If you add the two fires together, which seems reasonable since they burned together, they add up to 228,528 acres.

The Klondike burned in the same area as the 2002 Biscuit fire, which roared through 500,000 acres, making it the biggest fire of this century, Jeff.

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