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Ann E. Alliston


39;ve been touched by so many, I&

39;ve actually lost — track of names, but faces and dates are indelible. San Francisco was a — great place to start my journey, even though Dad thought the Beatles Haight-Ashbury — were going to commune and cause the end of society. I&

39;m so glad Dad — was wrong! It all got me interested in the arts, and beauty, and those — camping trips to Southern Oregon, Ashland, and SOC.

College at SOC was a continuation, and oh, I met a guy, — fell in love, got married, and had a beautiful baby girl. Manda - I bragged — about you to all, so continue to brag for me, I won&

39;t mind - but she — probably will. Mom&

39;s very proud! Oh Dominic, you handsome little fellow. — How smart and charming you are. What a blessing and a privilege to be — your Grandma. And to the other joy of my life - my big little brother, — Jim, and his beautiful family in Long Beach - thanks for your everlasting — standup comedy.

Since Linda Vista became my home fifteen years ago, I — have been surrounded by many loving friends. To the many special people, — Father John, Sandy, Nancy, Donny, Cate, Carolyn, Loretta, Ray, and all — of the others that brightened my days. I&

39;ve cherished your help, counsel, — friendship and love and really hope you all feel the same way. And to — my Allan, I feel so fortunate to have crossed paths with you. Thank you — for loving and understanding me.

And it would be unthinking of me to leave out my dearest — friend, Fayegail, who brought me much happiness throughout the years. — You&

39;ll always be in my heart, and I&

39;ll always be in yours. Don&

39;t — be sad that I&

39;m gone, for we will see each other again one day."

A graveside service will be held Friday, May 7, 2004 at — 1:30 P.M., at Scenic Hills Memorial Park, Ashland. The Rev. Joseph Betschart — of Our Lady of the Mountain Catholic Church, Ashland, will officiate. —

Arrangements: Litwiller-Simonsen Funeral Home, Ashland, — OR.