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Evan Burke

(Cymbeline, William Shakespeare)

Evan Burke, 21, died Sunday, March 6, 2005, of injuries — suffered in a skateboarding/ auto accident. Evan was a kind and generous — person, and his last act was the gift of his life. His heart already beats — in another body, and through the donation of his liver, eyes, bone marrow — and tissue, he will continue to touch lives. A friend remarked, "They — say that when a heart is transplanted, some of the personality is transferred. — The person with Evan&

39;s heart will feel an occasional uncontrollable — urge to take off his clothes and run around outside."

Evan was born on , in Daly City, California. — When he was three, the Burke family moved to Ashland, where he lived the — rest of his life. He graduated in 2002 from Ashland High School&

39;s — Wilderness Charter School, which transformed him from an angry, undirected — boy into a loving, graceful, expressive man. He was an inspired artist — (art was his major at Southern Oregon University) and an extraordinary — cook. He loved the outdoors, hiking and making music with his friends. — Walking down the street with Evan was a stop-and-start experience, as — he paused every few feet to share a hug or have a conversation. He held — no expectation about people, but allowed them to be who they were.

Evan will always be deeply loved, profoundly missed and — joyfully celebrated by his parents, Jim and Lucille Burke, and his sister, — Jocelyn, of Ashland; grandparents Roy and Gloria Burke of Long Beach, — California, and Jim and Virginia Housel of Meadow Vista, California; uncle — Richard Burke, Calgary, Alberta; aunt Katy Burke and cousin Isis, Paris, — France; uncle Tom Housel and family, Pebble Beach, California; aunt Marian — Watt and family, Rock Springs, Wyoming; and a large family of friends. —

His parents greatly appreciate the love and support of — the trauma surgeon and nurses at Rogue Valley Memorial Hospital.

A life celebration for Evan is scheduled for Sunday, — March 13, at the Dorothy Stolp Theatre at Southern Oregon University. — An informal gathering begins at 3:00, with a memorial at 4:30 and a potluck — reception in the lobby before and afterwards. Those who wish to make a — memorial contribution are encouraged to donate blood in Evan&

39;s name. — Also a memorial fund in Evan&

39;s name has been set up at U.S. Bank in — Ashland. Anyone wishing to contribute may call: 482-1522.

"If we marvel at the artist who has written a great book, — we must marvel more at those people whose lives are works of art and who — don&

39;t even know it, who wouldn&

39;t believe it if they were told. — However hard work good writing may be, it is easier than good living." — (Katherine Paterson)