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Barbara Ann Long-Allen

May 4, 2006

I was born in Riverside, CA, on June 15, 1933, to Albert C. Long and Mildred (Millie) Long.

My parents moved from Medford, OR, during the "Great Depression." I grew up in Ontario, CA, where I met my husband, the love of my life.

In 1943 my mother informed me we were getting a new addition to the family. A sweet baby girl to love, "and she was a sweet baby to love and cherish."

"We leave behind those we love but can&

39;t forget."

Where does the time go? I have enjoyed all of it; especially my beloved cats who are at my side as I write this obituary.

In later years I enjoyed ALL card games, especially Bridge; and Mah Jong. Never a dull moment!

I never turned down a box of dark chocolate, peanut brittle, or licorice!

Bob and I hosted many foreign students from the Language Academy at SOU. We enjoyed this a lot and have kept in touch with many of them.

Survivors include my Beloved husband of 55 years "Bob Allen"; much Beloved daughter Melinda Roberson, and wonderful son-in-law Terry of Eagle Point, OR; son Albert Allen and daughter-in-law Patti; that dear sweet baby sister Judy Corallo of Ashland, OR; my best friend, "like a sister," Virginia Redfield of Montclair, CA; six grandchildren Heather Mackey being my first, Joshua, Jeremy, Billy, Bobby and Rachel; eleven great-grandchildren and numerous nephews & nieces.

See you all again. "As you walk this life&

39;s path, take time to smell the flowers, smile and think of me. Death is just another path we take."

I have had the best of everything- no regrets!

Thank you for ALL the cards, flowers, and "Goodies." I really appreciated them. Barbara