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Albert Raymond Seiber

Albert Raymond Seiber

1917 ~ 2006

Albert Raymond Seiber, 89, died in Bremerton, Washington, Friday, December 1, 2006.

Albert Raymond Seiber, known to his friends as Al, was a man with many careers in his lifetime: a Navy pilot in WWII in the South Pacific, he worked as a flight instructor at Pensacola, Florida, and worked as a commercial pilot of small planes in California's Central Valley; then a fisherman in Alaska and Port Townsend, Washington. He settled in Florence, Oregon with his then wife, Helen Seiber and their daughter Nancy, owning a small grocery store for several years. They traded it for a grocery store in Talent, Oregon in 1954, which became a sporting goods store featuring Weatherby rifles and Browning shotguns. His expertise in the outdoors made the store a popular spot for outdoorsmen to meet and get information, as well as to enjoy Al's aptitude for storytelling. Many fish stories were exchanged at Seiber's Sporting Goods in Talent; a few of them were true.

Al was born in Arena Valley, Idaho, May 18, 1917. He graduated from High School in Middleton, Idaho. He was the first of his family to attend college, going to Moscow, Idaho to start, and the first one to finish a college degree. He graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Psychology at San Jose State College, working his way through a variety of odd jobs, including washing dishes at Gus's Famous Coney Island in San Jose. After his retirement, he loved to travel, and made trips all over the world, to Greece, Spain, Australia, Mexico, Germany, and for many years traveled each summer from Port Townsend up the inside passage to Canada on his boat, The Nancy Baby. He loved reading and learning, and went back to school at Evergreen State College in Washington, lived in Port Townsend, Washington and then moved to Bremerton, Washington in 2004. He was an avid reader of Louis Lamour, and spent many happy hours in his later life re-reading stories of the west, and mysteries.

He is survived by two daughters, Nancy Ames Cole and Suzanne Seiber; one granddaughter, Tiger Lee Torelle, all of Ashland, Oregon, and two sisters, Dortha Edwards and Della Gabica, of Middleton, Idaho; his two nieces, Carol Gabica Frith and Betty King, Salem, Oregon and by his close friends, Don and Debbie Avery of Silverdale, Washington and Charlie and Cathy White of Bremerton, Washington. At his request there will be no memorial, but his ashes will be scattered at Siskiyou Summit, Ashland, Oregon.

Albert Raymond Seiber