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Hania Oderberg

Hania Oderberg

Our dear Hania Oderberg left her full portion of love, wonderful smile, chuckle and so much more to all of us on November 20, 2006. She began her long life and journey on February 26, 1920 in the small town of Dombrowa, Poland. She was second to the youngest of nine children. Her father passed away at a young age making life even tougher for a young girl in post World War I Poland. Then as things seemed to improve a little, World War II came and she was forced into 6 years of Nazi labor camps. She was never one to quit and not only did she endure the camps, but she was always a person to share her meager food rations or help others in any way that she could to aid in their survival. The war ravaged her once large family and the survivors were scattered. After the war she married and then was blessed with the light of her life-her only child, Mary. The small family then came over to America and settled in Denver, Colorado where Hania worked very hard to help make a living for the family. Then life became harder again when Hania had to support herself and her young daughter all by herself doing the hardest of jobs to survive. Again, there was no giving up or complaining for this women of valor. She always said with her smile and cute chuckle; "I am a tough cookie."

In 1969 things began to look up when she melded her family with her long time friends, the Oderberg family headed by Melich Oderberg. He had two sons, Nathan and Marvin, and they were never called stepchildren, just simply her children. In 1969 her daughter got engaged and in 1970 married Dick, also from Denver. She was pleased about this union of her daughter into a family that she had also trusted and befriended for many years.

Then as the family began to produce grandchildren, her role as what we called the "Boobie" (grandmother) really completed her mission in life of loving and nurturing. In her proper and clean home she always had her hair fixed, lipstick on and signature Boobie apron. Then she was ready to take care of her dear husband, Melich-the Zeide of the family. She really knew how to nurture her husband, children, grandchildren and friends with the most wonderful cooking and baking that one could imagine. She always had at least one of her famous and delicious recipes ready to heat up and serve. No one could make chicken soup like Boobie. You could never walk into her house and find her unprepared to serve the family or any friend that the kids would bring home. They all walked away licking their lips and being amazed at the love she poured into the food and into the guests.

She was a lady with a capital L. She would never think of going out with out her hair fixed, lipstick on, clean and pressed clothing and, for sure, simply but tastefully accessorized. No one could exemplify the name "Boobie" more than Hania. She fit that mold so perfectly that the whole family, including her own husband called her "Boobie." On her numerous trips to Medford, Oregon, where the word "Boobie" is pretty much unknown, the people she met of all faiths and through her daughter and grandchildren soon called her Boobie. When her health began to fail a few years ago, it was time for her to move to Medford so that the last years of her life could be made easier for her. Every one who had known her over the years from her past trips to Medford were delighted that she came. She quickly added other friends to her list and now they are all saddened by her passing. She is, however, in a better place and free from pain.

In May of this year Boobie needed a pacemaker to help her quality of life. She was getting weaker, but in July she fully rose to the occasion for her granddaughter Illisa's wedding and to see the extended family from all over the world as well.

There are many more stories and memories that could be recounted but the points that need to be remembered as a blessing is that she was a wonderful, giving and meaningful human being that lived and died for her family and was observant to her faith all of her life. Rest in peace our sweet Boobie.

Hania Oderberg is survived by her husband Melich Oderberg (Denver), daughter, Mary Heimann, son-in-law, Dick Heimann (Medford), son, Nate Oderberg, daughter-in-law, Bonnee Oderberg, son, Marvin Oderberg and grandchildren, Adam, Eli and the late, Gabe Oderberg (Denver), Nicole Sacks and husband, Robert Sacks (Medford), Illisa Polis and husband, Eric Polis (Las Vegas) and her special great-grandchild, Jacob Sacks (Medford).

Contributions may be made to: Temple Emek Shalom P.O. Box 1107,Ashland, Oregon 97520

Hania Oderberg