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Teresa Annie Fraser

Teresa Annie Fraser (ne Allinott)

May 11, 1911 - March 27, 2007

Teresa was born in Desbarats, Ontario on May 11, 1911 and peacefully passed away in Vancouver, BC at 6:00 a.m. on March 27, 2007 at South Granville Park Lodge.

She was predeceased by her husband, Dalton B. (Peter) Fraser in 1976. She is survived by her family in Vancouver, BC and by her wonderful, loving friend and soul mate, Don Robertson of Medford, Oregon. Don's daughter, Kathleen, and her husband Bill Rieman were very supportive during the 10 years Teresa and Don lived together.

Teresa was a resident of Jackson County for more than 40 years, settling in Phoenix in the early '70s. She had moved to Oregon in 1962 where her husband, Peter, was a lineman and later a supervisor with Oregon's hydro provider, Pacific Power and Light. He was electrocuted on the job just days prior to his retirement.

Although Teresa had considerable physical pain and emotional suffering, she did not dwell on the past nor carry it with her. Each day was a new day to her with a promise of something wonderful about to happen.

She was born under the sign of Venus which rules Beauty and Love. She epitomized the feminine principle - she was both beautiful and loving. She looked exceptionally well in her clothes and they gave her great delight. She was funny and fun and lit up a room when she entered it. People around her delighted in the dash she brought into the world. She was magnetic - her heart was big and wide open - she really, really loved people and they really loved her in return. She had "it". She was an "It Girl". Once experienced, there's no mistaking it or forgetting it.

She was very imaginative and able to make beauty in her life - in surroundings, her dress sense, in social and emotional situations. She was incredibly gifted though she took her gifts for granted. The rest of the world reaped the benefits - she made beautiful and warm homes in her marriage and in her long relationship with Don at Horton Plaza in Medford.

She had many wonderful friends in Medford and surrounding cities. She wanted to send love to all of you and in her inimitable words, she said: "I'll miss you when I'm gone."

She is now at rest. She died peacefully. Her beauty was evident, even in death.

An Issa Haiku on the day of her passing:

simply trust

simply trust!

Cherry blossoms in bloom

-Issa, 1807

How perfect!

She was a devout Catholic. The funeral mass will be held at 1:30 p.m. on April 4, 2007 in Cloverdale, BC at the Catholic Church of the Precious Blood, 17475-59th Avenue, with Father Mark officiating. A reception will follow at the Morgan Creek Golf Course, 3500 Morgan Way in Surrey, BC.

Teresa Annie Fraser