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Scott Alan Lochard

Scott Alan Lochard

Scott Alan Lochard was born in Santa Barbara, Calif. to parents Norma and Keith Lochard, January 20, 1950. At the age of 15 he moved to Oregon with his family and settled in the White City area, where he and his sisters, Laurie and Susan, attended local area schools, including Eagle Point and Medford High School.

Over the next 22 years Scott was immersed in a firefighting career; a career that had actually been prompted by a horrible auto accident that left him with a broken pelvis and immobile in the Rogue Valley hospital for almost two months at the age of 20. His dad, Aubrey Degn, says that when Scott woke up on the highway immediately following the accident and saw a State Trooper looking down on him, he decided that he wanted to help others and give his life some purpose.

Scott focused and became an EMT and firefighter which actually seemed a natural progression for Scott since his grandfather, Cecil Lochard, had also served as a fireman for most of his adult life and Scott, as a small boy, was always around that.

He served at Central Point FS for three years before moving onto Evans Valley Fire Department as chief for 12 years. Scott was the first full time fire chief hired in Evans Valley after a levy was passed in 1975. While serving as fire chief he was very instrumental in building the fire station which still stands today in Evans Valley. His daughters, Kristen and Amy, attended local Rogue River schools and worked at local jobs.

It was hard to keep Scott still and he eventually headed north to Boring, Ore. (Portland area) with his family to take on a new position. He served a little over a year before retiring as chief in 1995. Scott's experience with fire service did not stop there.

With a very specific focus in mind, Scott begin to build his dream of being a speaker and ignite others to teach.

Continually filling in the gaps in his life, learning all he could about leadership while honing his speaking skills, Scott's education continued. He attended school at Southern Oregon University (SOU), graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1989. He was an adjunct instructor for Western and Eastern Oregon Universities, mostly in the "distance education" but also in the classroom. He spoke on topics ranging from city budgets to fire safety. He also was an adjunct instructor at Rogue Community College (Fire/EMS Programs) and Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue RTSC (Fire Programs).

He was a published writer, editor and contributing author of Fire Chief Magazine, among others. He served on various committees and task forces over his lifetime.

After the deaths of his wife, Kathleen and his mother and sister in 2003, all to cancer, Scott decided to relocate back to southern Oregon, this time near his daughter, Kristen and her family. He purchased a home at Running Y Resort in Klamath Falls.

Fred Pryor and Career Track training programs, a national training program, chose Scott after a rigorous training program and elimination process in early 2005. This was in addition to his own consulting work and completing the Dale Carnegie course in July of 2005. He was an excellent and animated speaker. He loved this feedback from his student and classmates. He was a member of the National Speakers Association and served as a board member and publications director for his local association.

His consulting services and speaking engagements took him all over the country. With his signature training program in leadership. He spoke to insurance companies, military installations, police departments and health organizations. He traveled east to west coast.

Still remaining positive and intent on spending quality time together, their life was full. They lived in Central Point and worked beside each other in Scott's consulting business while Linda also tended her business, always with Scott's strong support. They also enjoyed fishing and picnicing on their pontoon boats, or just walking and sharing their dreams of their future together.

In April of 2005, Scott met his future wife, Linda Beauchamp, a long-time resident of the Rogue Valley. Linda and Scott were married June 3, 2006, only days after finding out about Scott's cancer. They shared a love for the Native American culture and had embraced that culture in their wedding and their lifestyle together.

Scott Alan Lochard passed away on March 18, 2007. He is survived by his wife, Linda; daughters, Kristen Brink with husband, Captain Brian Brink and Amy Clark and husband, Dallas Clark; son, Cory Warne; eight wonderful grandchildren; six nieces and nephews; his sisters, Laurie Smith of Folsom, Calif. and Susan Gerbing of Martinsburg, W. Va.; father, Aubrey Degn; and many other family members and friends including his three step-children from marriage to Linda: Craig Beauchamp and Krystal Pope, Joshua and wife, Stephanne Beauchamp, and Sarah and husband, Jason Phillips.

In honor of Scott's request not to have a funeral or memorial service, Linda had a small dinner get-together for neighbors and immediate family. Always quoting and feeling the power of the written word, Scott left this note for his wife, undoubtedly thinking it was appropriate:

"Don't cry because it's over now, laugh because it happened."

Linda Lochard and family would like to thank all of those who have sent cards, flowers, condolences and most especially, their friendship and support.

Scott Alan Lochard