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Larry Lippincott

Larry Lippincott

Larry Lippincott reached out and took God's hand on Jan. 2, 2009, and died peacefully surrounded by his family in Medford, Ore.

Larry was born on Sept. 12, 1932, in Los Angeles, Calif., to Charles Lydon and Thelma Lippincott. He attended school at Harvard Military and graduated from Hollywood High School in 1950. He went to Cal Berkeley and competed in high hurdles there. He transferred to UC Davis and earned his doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 1957. He practiced until 1993 when he retired. He became board-certified in veterinary surgery in 1975, and maintained a surgical practice at California Animal Hospital in West Los Angeles until his retirement. The family lived in Pacific Palisades, Calif., until Robyn and Larry retired to Bend, Ore., in 1993, and then moved to Medford, Oregon to live at Rogue Valley Manor in 2002.

Larry traveled the world teaching veterinary surgery, including Asia, Europe, and five trips to Japan. He taught professional ethics to the senior veterinary classes at UC Davis for 21 successive years. He received a multitude of professional awards. His proudest moment professionally, was being the commencement speaker at the 1980 graduation ceremonies of the UC Davis senior class. He received the American Animal Hospital Association's "American Veterinary Practitioner of the Year" award, and the top award from the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association, among many others.

Of note, Larry was the resident surgeon for the 36 white tigers and 16 white lions in the Siegfried and Roy show in Las Vegas. Larry participated in over 60 radio shows and 30 television shows during his career and worked with notable celebrities such as Art Linkletter, Betty White, and Dinah Shore.

Larry produced over 200 veterinary surgical teaching videos. He has written over 1500 scientific papers, seven books that were all published in Japanese and English, and delivered over 500 teaching lectures.

Larry was loved and cherished by all who knew him for his humor, integrity, intelligence, creativity, and his passion for life. Larry was extremely relational and simply loved people. He was a man of God and liked nothing more than sharing his Christian faith with his friends and acquaintances. In recent years, he enjoyed scuba diving, photography, artwork of all types, fishing, and skiing. He was always working on projects, exercising, golfing, dancing, or giving his time to help others.

Larry is survived by his wife of 53 years, Robyn Reps, whom he met at Hollywood High School. They married in 1955 and enjoyed an extremely close, loving relationship for all of those 53 years. He is also survived by his daughters, Cameron Lippincott of Redondo Beach, Cali., and Vicki O'Rourke and husband Ron O'Rourke of Encinitas, Cali.; son, Brad Lippincott of Pacific Palisades, Calif.; and two grandchildren, Ryan O'Rourke and Blake O'Rourke, of Encinitas, Calif.

Larry Lippincott