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Teresa Eldred

Teresa Eldred

Hill Wimbereley

A resident of Ashland, Ore., Teresa Eldred Hill Wimberley was born in Baltimore, Md., on February 11, 1949. She studied ballet and modern dance, and performed and taught dance for over twenty years. For the next twenty years, she practiced massage, and, in 1990, met the love of her life. Upon her retirement from massage, she danced in three performances and photographed several more.

As a child, Teri was a student of ballet at Peabody Conservatory of Music under Carol Lynn. She performed with the Baltimore Civic Opera, Rosa Ponselle, director, and Julius Rudel, conductor. She also worked with choreographers Thomas Andrew and Madeline Gavers, and studied at Jacob's Pillow with Margaret Craske and others. Teri attended the National Ballet Academic School, in Washington, D.C., and studied with Frederick Franklin, Oleg Tupine and Ann Parson.

At Harkness House for the Arts, in New York City, Teri studied as a trainee and performed with the Harkness Ballet's second company, working with teachers and choreographers of many different dance forms, predominantly ballet.

She joined the companies of Stuart Hodes, Lar Lubovitz, and Margot Colbert. Teri also danced for many other choreographers, including Laura Foreman at New College for Social Research, for whom Teri also taught ballet.

In San Francisco, Teri danced with Theresa Dickinson, James Tyler, and others. She taught ballet in many schools and studios, including Lone Mountain College, University of San Francisco, Samuel L. Lewis Dance Studio, and for The Angels of Light. For one year in 1982/1983, Teri taught and choreographed for a ballet school in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Her lifelong friend and massage mentor was George King of the Esalen Institute, and her bodywork teacher for a decade was Fritz Smith, M.D.

Teri loved most her husband John Wimberley, followed by her dog, Dahlia, live dancing and music, painting, Tai Chi, stringing handmade beads, and smoking marijuana.

Her favorite places were along the coast of Northern California to Big Sur, pristine wild hot springs, San Francisco, and being atop Mount Tamalpais.

She enjoyed wearing colorful clothes such as huipilles from Mexico, colorful homes like she painted her own, progressive ideas, and fresh foods and flowers at the Farmer's Market. She often wore large handmade earrings, and relished a delicious espresso with the New York Times.

Her favorite words were Love and Peace.

Teri passed away peacefully at home on July 1, 2011, at 1:00 pm. She is survived by her husband, John; dog, Dahlia; father, James Hill; brother, Gregory Hill.

Donations may be made to the Ashland Community Hospital Hospice Program, and to Dancing People Company of Ashland, Ore.

Teresa Eldred