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Gladys (Glass) Bassin

October 22, 1918 January 12, 2012

Gladys, a longtime Medford resident, passed away following a short illness, at age 93. She was cared for and comforted by the staff of Casa Verde, in Medford and hospice personnel with support of her family. Gladys was born in St Louis, Mo., in 1918. Her father, Isadore Glass, was honorably discharged, at that time, from the U.S. Army following his tour of duty as World War I was ending.

Isadore was an immigrant from Russia. He travelled to Canada with family and then New York City, where he met and married Gladys' mother, Ella. Ella was working with her older sister, on the staff of the Joseph Pulitzer family, who had brought the sisters to the U.S. from Budapest, Hungary. Isadore and Ella had two sons while in New York City, Harry (1907-1996) and Sydney (1910-1993).

In 1920, the family moved to San Francisco, of which they had heard about from relatives. The family thrived there. Eventually Isadore and Ella's sister opened Prizer's Hungarian Restaurant, a popular establishment downtown in the city. Growing up, Gladys could remember running errands for the restaurant and becoming very familiar with the city. They lived near the ocean and eventually across the street from Golden Gate Park, which she loved.

Following Gladys' graduation from Lowell High School, shortly before WW II, she worked for General Mills in their corporate office downtown. At that time her brother, Sidney, soon entered the Army. Sidney would bring home some of his buddies to give them some time away from the base, before he went overseas to Europe. None captured Gladys' heart, though several tried.

Eventually she met Lyle Bassin from Walnut Creek, Calif. When he tired of her dilly dallying on the subject of marriage, he offered her a trip to Reno, Nev., where he proposed and she accepted. They enjoyed taking their trailer to Mexico where they made several friends, including a home owner who invited them into his gated community, where they could park the trailer, refill water and tie into electricity.

Lyle managed his auto related business in Walnut Creek, Calif., and later, Medford, for years, In 1988, Lyle had a stroke. Gladys cared for him for much of the time, as well as joining the Medford Stroke Club, which she served as president for a period. He passed in 1992. Beloved wife, daughter, sister, aunt and friend, Gladys will be long remembered by her surviving extended family and friends as a good hearted, humorous, intelligent and very independent woman. She is survived by her loving companion, Rocky, a tea-cup Yorkshire Terrier; and nephews, Melvyn S. Glass, of Tigard, Ore., and Donald R. Glass, DDS, of Sun City, Ariz., and their families.

Arrangements have been made by Perl Funeral Home and Siskiyou Memorial Park with interment and plaque in the Rose Garden.