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Randall Eugene Bynum

Randall Eugene Bynum, 51, of Gold Hill, Ore., passed away Monday, March 4, 2013 in Gold Hill, Ore. He was born March 8, 1961 in Dallas, Texas to his parents Michael Bynum and Sharon Gruver.

Randy was the first of 11 children. He married Tanya Jacobs in Gold Hill August 12, 1992. They had three children. He worked as a carpenter, in the oil fields, and discovered that truck driving was what he enjoyed doing. He loved traveling in a variety of states and seeing the sights. Randy had a passion for riding and fixing motorcycles. In 2010 he achieved his lifelong dream of owning a Harley Davidson which he chose to ride rain or shine. Randy was often found holding long conversations and helping those in need everywhere he went. He was well-known and liked in the community. He loved reading his Bible, going to church, and had an enduring desire to learn more.

Randy is remembered by his loving wife, Tanya; his children, Joshua, Kendra, and Daniel; and his grandson, Colton. He is also survived by his aunt, Dixie Morgan; uncle, Mike Hunter; siblings, Gene Harpold, Brion Harpold, Sheryl Tibbets, Jackie Gibbons, Suzy Kuhl, Becky Kern, Jackson Kern, Jim Kern, Cheri Kern, and Kimberlee Smith; and stepfather, Jack Kern. He was predeceased by his mother, Sharon Gruver and his grandmother, Susan Gruver.

Randall Eugene Bynum