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Marie Boliou Burrell Unruh Jackson

Marie Boliou Burrell Unruh Jackson, 89, was born March 22, 1925 and passed away May 7, 2014 in Saint Anthony, Idaho where she was staying with her husband, Chuck Jackson, and fighting a losing battle against kidney cancer.

Marie was born in Medford, Ore. and lived an unsettled life as a young girl, moving at least 14 times before the age of 18, living with her mother, Pearl Lozier Boliou, who worked in various hospitals and hotels as a cook. Marie longed for a more stable life, but that was long in coming.

As a young woman, she married Dwight Burrell and together they had four children in quick succession, all the while moving from Lake Creek, Ore. to Medford, Ore. to various towns in New Mexico, following construction jobs. It was while they were living in Farmington, N.M. that Dwight was hurt in an automobile accident. He lived on for a month but passed away December 23, 1954, leaving Marie alone with the difficult job of raising four children under the age of six.

Returning to Oregon, where most of her family remained, Marie eventually married Abe Unruh, and they lived happily together in Phoenix, Ore. for over 30 years, finally bringing Marie the stable life she had long desired. She devoted herself to raising her children and managing an active household, with much hard work, camping trips and visits to friends and family. As Marie once wrote: I have suffered from loss in my life, but I have lived on through the continuing love of my family and friends.

Marie was active in the Friends Church of Talent, Ore. in her later years and nurtured many life-long friendships. She was a prolific letter-writer. She is survived by her five children, Mike Burrell of Eugene, Ore., Mitch Burrell of Lake Oswego, Ore., Mindy Sakraida of Medford, Ore., and Mac Burrell of Springfield, Ore.; step-daughter, Barbara Louckes of Phoenix, Ore.; and her husband, Chuck Jackson of St. Anthony, Idaho. She is also survived by 11 grandchildren and 12 great-children.

A memorial for Marie will be held at 2:00 p.m. Saturday, May 31, 2014 at the Talent Friends Church, 50 Talent Ave., Talent, Ore.

Marie Boliou Burrell Unruh Jackson